Children With Down Syndrome Can Teach Us All These Life-Changing Skills

Children with Down syndrome see the world in a different way, and it’s beautiful.

But most importantly, they teach us all to experience life in ways that change our entire perspective on everything.

And everyone should take a moment to stop and learn the amazing life lessons children with Down syndrome can teach us – because they are bound to give you a new outlook on life.

If you are blessed to be the mother of a child with Down syndrome, you know firsthand all the ways your child makes the world a better place.

Or maybe you aren’t raising a child with Down syndrome, but are a teacher, neighbor or know someone who is raising a child with special needs.

Regardless of your connection to a child with Down syndrome, one interaction is bound to teach you these three simple yet profound things:

  1. Compassion Has No Limits: How many times have we all struggled to have empathy for one another?

Often times we rush by those in need, on our way to the next meeting or taking our kids to yet another practice.

It’s not that we intentionally try and be distant towards those who are hurting (at least most of the time) we are just so focused on the task at hand we miss the main reason God put us on this earth.

But not children with Down syndrome… they are the first ones to give a hug to someone who is sad or show undeniable compassion and love.

We could all learn to have more compassion for those who are hurting… and learn more importantly to SLOW DOWN.

Maybe an elderly lady needs help crossing the street, or a woman looks sad in a store and just needs a hug or a friendly smile.

Or taking it even closer, when is the last time we showed compassion for our child or husband who had a bad day, and just sat with them in their pain and listened?

Children with Down syndrome have compassion for those who are sad or hurting, and their tenderness and pure heart is something we should all strive to work on in ourselves.

  1. Ignore Labels: How many times are we quick to label ourselves or those around us? We think we aren’t “smart enough” to do this or that, or not “pretty enough”, “strong enough”, etc. etc.

Children with Down syndrome teach us to ignore labels and just live.

One mother confessed when she first received the diagnosis her daughter had Down syndrome, she thought her life was over.

But then she realized her daughter is, well her daughter, and the label didn’t matter anymore.

She was just a kid, like everyone else.

Parents reported:

“The huge bit of news will not overshadow your whole life and will eventually slide into the background of a normal family life. You will have bad days that have nothing to do with a diagnosis. You will laugh again and cry again about other things. You will enjoy a lot with your child that has nothing to do with chromosomes or therapy or doctors’ appointments.

These days, I am amazed at how much hope I have — hope for Addison’s future, for her zest to enjoy life in her own way, and for her ability to achieve whatever she sets her mind to. Her diagnosis has already provided me with new perspectives, ways to love, and a deeper appreciation for the little things.”

Children with Down syndrome can teach us all to not judge ourselves (or others) so harshly or dismiss others with a label.

  1. Appreciate Joy: Children with Down syndrome have a joy that is contagious!

They appreciate the beauty and joy around them, from the simple pleasure of a nice day outside, to their favorite food served just right – they are thankful and happy to appreciate the simple things!

Perhaps we should learn to be thankful for the blessings we receive each day and take for granted.

Even something as small as finding the last parking spot or having your child curl up next to you in bed are things to be thankful for.

Children with Down syndrome teach us to appreciate the beauty and joy around us and to never take one single moment for granted.

Children with Down syndrome can all teach us a thing or two about how to treat people.

Sadly, some countries don’t realize their value and seek to eliminate babies with Down syndrome from ever being born.

Some harsh doctors try and encourage women to abort their babies, claiming those with Down syndrome will never have a “normal” life.

But do any of us have a “normal” life?

What does that even mean?

Children with Down syndrome have shattered every stereotype – like the time a baby with Down syndrome was selected as the Gerber baby!

Or the model and dancer who stole the hearts of people all over the world.

And who could forget the heartfelt testimony from Frank on Capitol Hill, telling lawmakers his life matters too!

Yes, children with Down syndrome do have different needs but they still require the same love and respect as we do.

They work hard and succeed, just like us.

We still face an uphill battle, but if we’re smart, we’ll follow their lead and learn to love fiercely and appreciate the beauty around us.

Have you ever met a child with Down syndrome?

What’s the most important lesson they’ve taught you?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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