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Mom Shares Inspiring Message As She Watched Her Daughter With Down Syndrome Graduate College

  One of the biggest stereotypes facing those with Down syndrome is that somehow, they will suffer from a poor quality of life and never be able to accomplish anything. Of course this is blatantly false, and Rachel High, a 44-year-old with Down syndrome proved critics wrong as she walked […]

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Atheist Biologist Tells Pregnant Moms Of Kids With Special Needs To ‘Abort It And Try Again’

  Moms of children with special needs regularly face discrimination and harsh comments from strangers. Sadly, many are used to defending their babies – but a comment from one heartless atheist pushed things too far. And once you hear his message to these moms, you’re bound to be outraged. Back […]

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Man With Down Syndrome Accomplishes Incredible Feat

Photo by Marco Verch on Flickr  Many of us look at athletes with awe and wonder as they break through world records and rip through finishing lines with pride. Building up the endurance, strength, and sheer will power to become fit enough to complete a professional competition takes more time, […]

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U.K. Mothers Experience “Intense Pressure to Terminate” Babies With This Syndrome – And America May Be Next

  As we look toward a new year, the Left gleefully plots their next moves to cement their agenda into every society on the planet. The sickening irony is, while they preach “love, equality, and tolerance” for all, they also spread a culture of death that has left millions upon […]

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TV Show Drama Aborts Baby With Down Syndrome Fueling Hatred Of Babies With Special Needs

  Producers know they have the attention of millions around the world when they craft a storyline for their latest TV show. Sadly, many use the fame to further promote a pro-abort agenda as if abortion is something which should be “normalized.” The latest attack on life came when the […]

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Ruthless Mom Aborts Baby With Down Syndrome To Live More “Comfortably” – Siblings Beg For A Funeral

  When a woman gets an abortion, she leaves behind a trail of pain to everyone in her path – from family to friends. Sadly, people often neglect to think about the effect an abortion can have on the already born siblings – and the trauma they face knowing mommy […]

The Cheerleader With Down Syndrome Has Captured The Heart Of Her Entire School 

The Cheerleader With Down Syndrome Has Captured The Heart Of Her Entire School 

Bailey Edwards is an 8th grade girl who happened to be born with Down syndrome. While many people mistakenly think individuals with special needs can’t go on to live completely normal lives – Bailey proved the critics wrong yet again. And once you hear the story of how she captured […]

Children With Down Syndrome Can Teach Us All These Life-Changing Skills

Children With Down Syndrome Can Teach Us All These Life-Changing Skills

Children with Down syndrome see the world in a different way, and it’s beautiful. But most importantly, they teach us all to experience life in ways that change our entire perspective on everything. And everyone should take a moment to stop and learn the amazing life lessons children with Down […]