Atheist Biologist Tells Pregnant Moms Of Kids With Special Needs To ‘Abort It And Try Again’

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Moms of children with special needs regularly face discrimination and harsh comments from strangers.

Sadly, many are used to defending their babies – but a comment from one heartless atheist pushed things too far.

And once you hear his message to these moms, you’re bound to be outraged.

Back in 2014, a pregnant mom tweeted a question to atheist biologist Richard Dawkins asking his advice on how to handle her pregnancy.

This mom was pregnant with a baby who had tested positively for Down syndrome and she was unsure how to proceed.

Completely disregarding her baby as a real human life, Dawkins replied with the unthinkable.

Live Action reported:

“Abort it and try again,” he tweeted.

“It would be immoral to bring it into the world if you have the choice.” He doubled down further, negatively comparing people with Down syndrome to autistic people.

“People on that spectrum have a great deal to contribute, Maybe even an enhanced ability in some respects,” he wrote. “DS not enhanced.”

Not only did he tell a pregnant mother to murder her own baby, but he actually went so far as to claim it was immoral if she didn’t.

As if murdering a baby is something “moral” mothers should strive to do.


And besides the obvious fact that it’s wrong to end the life of an innocent baby – whether they have special needs or not – Dawkins is factually incorrect that children with Down syndrome won’t amount to anything.

Time after time again, Mommy Underground has reported on the incredible way individuals with Down syndrome have gone on to live vibrant and active lives!

From managing businesses, to being faithful workers, to competing in dance competitions and modeling, just because a person has Down syndrome doesn’t make their life any less valuable.


Individuals with Down syndrome are making a difference in this world in their own unique way and they’re touching the lives of all those they meet.

Of course, those who deny God already don’t believe in the sanctity of human life…

… even though they’ll fight tooth-and-nail for the LGBT population to have “rights.”

At the same time, they’ll argue children with special needs shouldn’t even be given the chance to be born.

Apparently fighting for the vulnerable members of society is selective.

Liberals claim conservatives are “intolerable” …

… yet Dawkins actually told a pregnant and confused mom her baby wouldn’t contribute anything to society and to simply “abort it” and try again.


And while the world may continue to reject babies with Down syndrome, thankfully the overall tide seems to be turning.

Gerber recently had a baby with Down syndrome featured, which was a major step in bringing awareness to the special needs community.

Let’s hope more companies will show their support for moms with special needs and that the day will finally come when all human lives are considered precious and valuable.

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