Liberals Seek Death For The Down Syndrome Community

It’s been a couple weeks now since the ground of human decency has shifted below our feet with the passing of the aggressive pro-abort law in New York.

A bi-partisan feeling of queasiness has accompanied the barbaric legislation, leading many Americans to rethink the lack of morality in the pro-choice movement.

Certain children are targeted more than others for abortion, and this genocide is wiping out an entire community.

Mothers are screened at their prenatal doctor visits for Down syndrome if they choose, and modern testing is highly accurate.

Down syndrome is a congenital condition that results from a chromosomal abnormality. The individual will have some mental retardation, but variances are wide ranged.

Physical abnormalities accompany the condition as well, such as low muscle tone and an upward slant of the eyes.

Health risks are possible like heart defects and childhood leukemia, according to the Washington Post, but those are risks for any human being born.

The question is why do medical offices routinely “lookout” for a positive result. Does it help protect the mother? Does it change anything in the pregnancy?

No, it does not. Mother and child in utero are not in any harm because the child has a chromosomal abnormality, which is the distinguishing factor of Down syndrome.

The reasoning behind the testing is monstrous. It is so the mother can choose to have the baby killed, not wanting to have a “complicated” child.

In Iceland, about 85% of pregnant mothers choose to get the prenatal testing, which has resulted in almost 100% of Down syndrome babies from having a chance at life outside the womb, according to LifeSite News.

The country campaigns the “accomplishment” as if they have cured Down syndrome when they have in fact only eliminated all those innocent children who were diagnosed with it; this is very different than treating the actual condition.

Even an Iceland geneticist, as reported by the Washington Post, sees the moral depravity in the eradication of a whole community of people, saying that he regrets the “heavy-handed genetic counseling” that mothers are given, which influences “decisions that are not medical.”

Baby Augusta was one of only three babies born in Iceland in 2009, and her mother, Ingadottir, is sure glad she chose life because things would not be the same without her happy daughter, according to CBS News.

Ingadottir has now become an activist for those with Down syndrome, hoping to shape a world that her daughter can flourish in.

Many mothers are concerned about the kind of society their children with Down syndrome are born into. With the decreasing number of children born with the condition, resources geared toward them are diminishing.

Iceland is not the only country to seek the destruction of people they find inferior, not much unlike the final solution plan of the Nazis.

Denmark aborts about 98% of babies with Down syndrome, while the United Kingdom is at 90% along with Canada, and the United States not falling far behind with a 75% abortion rate, according to LifeSite News.

These shocking statistics have prompted the Down syndrome community to begin advocating for themselves, totally squashing the liberal argument that those with the condition would not live fulfilling lives.

The Canadian Down Syndrome Society (CDSS) featured a campaign calling their condition an “endangered syndrome”, according to LifeSite News, explaining how the criteria laid out by International Union for the Conservation of Nature would qualify them for the endangered list.

It was pointed out during this clever campaign by individuals with Down syndrome that animal welfare groups are getting significantly more funding from the government than Down syndrome charities across North America.

Going viral, the video received over a million views, showing the world that leftist priorities are inhibiting the success of countless individuals.

CDSS spokesperson, Ben Tarr reported to CTV:

“We’re not saying that we are a community of animals at all, we’re just trying to put a comparison in the world that says when someone gets put on the endangered species list they’re given all the support to help that species thrive and that’s what we want for our kids, for our community, is the ability to thrive. It’s a campaign that’s set around raising awareness; this is a community that doesn’t get a huge amount of attention.”

With the proper upbringing, education, and support, those beautiful and loving individuals with Down syndrome can live happy and productive lives well into their sixties, according to the Washington Post.

Many have risen above expectations placed on them by ignorant liberals, such as Benefit model Kate Grant, as previously reported by Mommy Underground, Gerber baby Lucas, and Special Olympian Frank Stephens.

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Ashton Kutcher has recently re-posted a previous viral video of Stephens addressing Congress in 2017 where he testifies to the fulfilling lives of those with Down syndrome.

Sadly, across the world, a notion is being sold that maybe we don’t need research concerning Down syndrome,” Stephens says in his emotional truth. “Some people say prenatal screens will identify Down syndrome in the womb and those pregnancies will just be terminated. It’s hard for me to sit here and say those words. I completely understand that the people pushing this particular ‘final solution’ are saying that people like me should not exist. That final view is deeply prejudice by an outdated idea of life with Down syndrome. Seriously, I have a great life!”

Thanks to Kutcher’s popularity and pro-life stance the video has again gone viral, receiving over 5.4 million views on Facebook.

How can pro-abortionists view these smiling babies, such as Lucas in his Gerber Baby 2018 advertisements, and hear from these intelligent athletes like Stephens, and not feel morally convicted?

A society bent on eliminating God from their everyday life is subsequently eliminating the blessings that come along with Him.

While the left seeks out heartless and despairing legislation to eradicate children who don’t fit into their box of acceptable, the remaining community of Down syndrome individuals plea for validation.

Genocide of any kind is dangerous. Liberals are playing judge and jury on which lives are worth living, and it must stop.

Please let us know in the comments section what you think about prenatal screening, and its implication on the pro-abortion population.