Ruthless Mom Aborts Baby With Down Syndrome To Live More “Comfortably” – Siblings Beg For A Funeral

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When a woman gets an abortion, she leaves behind a trail of pain to everyone in her path – from family to friends.

Sadly, people often neglect to think about the effect an abortion can have on the already born siblings – and the trauma they face knowing mommy decided to kill their unborn brother or sister.

And when one woman decided having a child with Down syndrome would be too “inconvenient” – she decided to slay her unborn baby – and her daughter’s response was simply heartbreaking.

The woman was already a mother to 4 children, who were ecstatic at the thought of mommy having another baby!

After all, welcoming another little sibling into the family is certainly an exciting time.

But once the mother found out her baby had Down syndrome… she decided she didn’t want to carry the child anymore.

Bizarrely, she posted to social media claiming that “no other families” around her have a child with Down syndrome, so her child wouldn’t have any friends.

But she didn’t stop there.

She continued to rant about how her family is “living comfortably” and wanted to travel and buy nice things – but wouldn’t be able to if she had a baby with special needs.

Even more horrifying – this woman carried her baby for 23 weeks – AND STILL decided to end its life, as if it was nothing.

When she broke the news to her children, the 12-year old daughter was stricken with grief.

Showing her tenderness, the young girl asked if they could have a funeral for the baby.

Apparently, this shocked the mother, as she claimed she was “disconnected” to the entire pregnancy and didn’t care.

The mom went on to again publicly post to social media how strange it was her daughter wanted a funeral.

Live Action reported:

“She asked me what will happen with the body. I told her that we will donate it and the hospital in hopes to provide more research,” the woman wrote. “Today she asked me if we could have a funeral. ‘Nothing big. Just in the backyard. We can bury the ultrasound photo.’ For me I want to [sic] unconnected to this pregnancy and the idea of a funeral is not appealing at all. My husband feels the same way. He told her we would talk about it later. I’m considering letting her do it alone. But I don’t want to know where she placed the photos. However I think she would want my husband and I to join.”

This heartless woman is actually considering letting her 12-year old daughter have a funeral ALONE for the baby she decided to slaughter.

There are no words for such callousness.

Not only does abortion end the life of a baby, it leaves a trail of trauma to all those involved.

Let’s hope this little 12-year old girl grows up to see what her mother did and doesn’t follow in her deadly footsteps.

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