U.K. Mothers Experience “Intense Pressure to Terminate” Babies With This Syndrome – And America May Be Next

Photo by Nathan Anderson on Unsplash


As we look toward a new year, the Left gleefully plots their next moves to cement their agenda into every society on the planet.

The sickening irony is, while they preach “love, equality, and tolerance” for all, they also spread a culture of death that has left millions upon millions of innocents dead.

And one portion of the population is targeted more than any other, in a genocide that seems to have no end in sight.

Dozens of countries all over the world “celebrate” the fact that they have eliminated people with Down syndrome from their population.

Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, and many others gloat that they have eradicated this condition within their borders.  It’s not that this genetic condition has been cured by modern medical marvels…it’s because any unborn child found to have the syndrome is killed in the womb.

At an alarming rate, mothers who find their child will be born with Down syndrome are encouraged to terminate their pregnancies.

In the U.K., another nation of socialized medicine, the National Health Service (NHS) allows for the murder of the unborn up until birth if they are diagnosed with Down syndrome in utero.

Genetic testing is routine because the NHS does not want to foot the bill to care for a child they deem less worthy of life than another.

But the truth is, for those who know and love people with Down syndrome, they are described as the most loving, the most pure of heart, the most gentle and kind – the way all of us should be.

For their special qualities, their child-like faith and kindness, they are slated for death because they are “different.”

All by the same groups who preach of tolerance and acceptance of those who choose to live alternative lifestyles.

Well, one woman in the U.K. is not going to stand by and see this slaughter continue.

And she is more than aware of what people with Down syndrome have to offer – because she is one of them.

Heidi Crowter is an activist in the U.K., advocating for human rights issues, the right to life, and particularly, children diagnosed with Down syndrome.

Crowter, along with fellow activists rallying to save these children, is suing the NHS, taking her case to the U.K.’s High Court with an inspiring message.

She is a fighter, and as capable as any other citizen of being productive, working, living, and loving as hard as she can.  And she wants to confront NHS in court to demand why they think people like her shouldn’t be given a chance at life.

Groups that advocate for persons with Down syndrome in the U.K. have heard all the horror stories:  Doctors giving mothers no option but to terminate the pregnancy after a Down syndrome diagnosis…

…”intense pressure” to schedule an abortion on the spot, with no mention of resources or care for the child should he be given a chance…

… even mothers of adult children with Down syndrome being confronted on the streets for not terminating their pregnancy decades before, being asked why they “didn’t receive genetic testing.”

The bottom line is socialist medical systems don’t want to pay for the “inconvenience” of a child who may cost them money in care over the years.

In fact, women in the U.K. have reported being urged to get an abortion countless times throughout their pregnancy if they have received a diagnosis of Down syndrome through nearly mandated genetic testing.

Seventy percent of women report being immediately urged to abort their child upon receiving this diagnosis – and pressured repeatedly by physicians….

Some women have even reportedly been told that physicians would leave the baby to die after birth if they changed their mind about keeping the child.

It is murder, plain and simple, but these nations don’t look at a child with Down syndrome as human.

Crowter and her allies know just how much a person with Down syndrome can offer the world, and they will fight with everything they have until others understand their worth.

The mothers who have experienced this intense pressure to abort their babies know their lives would not have been as meaningful, as full of joy, without their children.

And they are part of the support surrounding Crowter’s campaign to raise the funds necessary to take this human rights issue to the highest court in the U.K.

Until all life is deemed valuable, we will never truly live in God’s image.  And until the most innocent lives are protected, we cannot ever stop fighting.

These children lead long, productive lives.  They matter, and they make an enormous difference in the lives of the family, friends, and coworkers who are blessed to know them.

The genocide must stop, and celebrating the lives of children with Down syndrome just as any we do for any other child is one small step toward the ultimate goal of ending the slaughter of the unborn.

As the U.S. continues to become further rooted in the progressive, anti-life, anti-Family agenda, we must be the voice for the voiceless among us who deserve their God-given chance at life.