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Proper Etiquette Never Goes Out of Style – And It’s Never Too Early to Start With Your Kids

  It’s sad but true – many of today’s youth have stopped practicing much of the social etiquette the rest of us grew up with. And with the ways personal communication has changed in a world dominated by a digital presence, it’s even harder for parents to combat the informality […]

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Boosting Your Baby’s Healthy Bacteria Can Have Lifelong Benefits

  All parents know that giving their child a good start with a healthy lifestyle means introducing healthy habits, and modeling them ourselves, from an early age. Our bodies contain millions upon millions of microbes that control all the functions of our mind and body, and a great deal of […]

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Ruthless Mom Aborts Baby With Down Syndrome To Live More “Comfortably” – Siblings Beg For A Funeral

  When a woman gets an abortion, she leaves behind a trail of pain to everyone in her path – from family to friends. Sadly, people often neglect to think about the effect an abortion can have on the already born siblings – and the trauma they face knowing mommy […]

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Ladies – Make Sure You Are Doing Monthly Self Breast Exams – It Just Might Save Your Life

Photo by Eye for Ebony on Unsplash  Breast cancer has taken the lives of our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and friends. In fact, in 2020 alone, it’s expected nearly 43,000 women will die from breast cancer. With frightening statistics like these – many women feel powerless and scared – but the […]

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Terrifying! Drive-By Shooters Target Elderly Couple For Hanging A Pro-Police Flag

  The past few months have highlighted a growing distaste and downward hatred of law enforcement from those on the radical left. But instead of peacefully protesting their dissent, radical liberal protesters have wreaked violence and chaos all across America. One elderly couple found themselves at the end of this […]

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Top 5 Milestones You Should Have Accomplished By 30 For Successful ‘Adulting’

  Becoming an adult looks different for everybody. Maybe you were thrust from the nest at 18 in an effort to build strength and character, or maybe you had a long gradual hike toward adulthood where you left your parent’s basement kicking and screaming. Whichever route you took, there are […]

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It Begins – College Campus Labels Pro-Life Group As “Hate Group”

  College campuses are known to be breeding grounds for future leftist activists – and the liberal faculty are usually the ones leading the charge. When it comes to getting involved, students have a long list of liberal groups to choose from – such as Pro-LGBT groups and other anti-family […]

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Radical Smithsonian “Girlhood” Exhibit Features Transgenders And Planned Parenthood Founder

  The Smithsonian Institute (SI) decided to host a special exhibit which paid a tribute to girls. But instead of selecting from the countless number of female role-models to display – they featured a “transgender” woman and the racist founder of Planned Parenthood. The bizarre exhibit titled Girlhood (It’s Complicated) […]

‘Sexual Preference’ Is Now An Outdated Term Because Amy Coney Barrett Used It

‘Sexual Preference’ Is Now An Outdated Term Because Amy Coney Barrett Used It

  The liberal left has gone far beyond a logical agenda and straight to a group that marches around saying how much they hate anything associated with conservatives. This has never been more apparent than with the upcoming election and “Trump Derangement Syndrome”, where people’s blinding rage towards the president […]

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Virtual Nightmare: Teacher Kicks 10-Year Old Student Out Of School Chat For Liking Trump

  As students and parents alike struggle to adjust to the “new normal” of virtual learning – many families are seeing firsthand just how far leftist bias runs in teachers. In one case, a leftist Seattle teacher took out his visceral hatred of Trump on a 10-year old child – […]