Safe Haven Boxes Are Continuing To Save Babies’ Lives

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Some women get pregnant and don’t want to be a mother – but instead of aborting their baby – they choose another path.

Thanks to an organization called Safe Haven Baby Boxes who legally installs boxes around the country for mothers to place their unwanted babies in – infants lives have been spared.

Most recently, a baby’s life was spared in Kentucky, and just wait until you hear the details.

To start – these safe haven boxes are placed in strategic places like hospitals or police stations so the abandoned babies can be attended to right away.

Legally, mothers can choose to leave their babies in a safe haven box up to 30 days after they are born – no questions asked.

Some may be embarrassed or wish to remain anonymous – and this protects them while giving them a practical way to choose life.

Once placed inside the temperature-controlled box, an alarm sounds to alert the people on the receiving end so the baby can be immediately attended to.

Some critics are skeptical about the boxes – but a recent story from Kentucky shows the boxes work exactly as they should.

Monica Kelsey is the founder of Save Haven Baby Box and held a press conference to celebrate the victory of the baby whose life was spared.

After receiving the baby in the box – the fire department responded in a record 90 seconds – and the baby survived and is doing well.

Live Action reported:

“This child was left safely and legally in this baby box so that the baby could be pulled from the other side by the firefighter,” Kelsey said. “The fire department did exactly what they were trained to do, and it worked flawlessly.”

Kelsey also spoke out with a message for the mother and/or father who surrendered the child.

“Thank you for doing what you felt you could for the life of this child,” said Kelsey. “This baby is healthy. This baby is beautiful. This baby is perfect. And the Department of Child Services is now looking for a forever home for this family… If this parent is out there and they want the resources of counseling or medical care, it is available for you at no cost.”

What an incredible organization.

So many women are led to believe abortion is their only option – but this organization is yet another pro-life group that is saving lives.

From crisis pregnancy centers to ultrasound vans to safe haven boxes – collectively the pro-life movement is working together to save lives.

Imagine what would happen if all the pro-aborts – including President Biden actually promoted safe haven boxes?

Countless lives would be spared.

The truth is, many women likely don’t even know these safe haven boxes exist.

Pregnant and scared moms are led to believe that abortion is their only option when nothing could be further than the truth.

Let’s continue to pray safe haven boxes will expand and grow around the country so women know there are options to choose life.

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