Victory! Another State Signs A Law Protecting Children From “Transgender” Surgeries

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Children in Mississippi are a little bit safer today after courageous leaders just ushered through a new law.

In Mississippi, it is now illegal for doctors to perform “transgender” surgeries on kids…

… and just wait until you hear the details of what happens to those who do.

To start, we live in dark times where politicians actually have to pass bills to stop grown adults from mutilating children’s bodies!

While “transgender” surgeries used to be unheard of – in our “new normal” – they have increased – as Biden continues to publicly state his support of “transgender” children.”

Some states like California welcome “transgender” kids to their borders – even promising to provide them a safe haven.

Other states allow doctors to experiment and hack away at kids’ bodies.

But thankfully there are states standing up to the LGBT madness.

States like Texas have already issued a warning that those who help kids “change genders” through surgeries or drugs will be prosecuted.

And now, Mississippi joins the ever-growing list of states standing up for children.

LifeSite News reported:

“The legislation, which cleared its last hurdles in the state legislature this week, prohibits “knowingly provid[ing] gender transition procedures to any person under eighteen (18) years of age” and the use of public funding and/or resources for the same, punishable by loss of one’s medical license in the Magnolia State.”

Hopefully if doctors know they’ll lose their livelihood – they won’t take the risk in performing these dangerous surgeries.

And if there was ever any doubt where Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves stood on the issue – he didn’t hold back when he tweeted that he was calling a stop to the “sick experimental treatments” of our kids.

Finally, adults with common sense are saying enough is enough and they’re fighting back against the radical LGBT ideology destroying our children.

To permanently alter a child’s body is child abuse – and any adult who does so deserves to be prosecuted.

There are countless stories of kids and teens who “changed genders” – but then after receiving proper treatment and counseling for their gender dysphoria – realize they’re left to endure the brutal reality of the irreversible consequences of a decision they made as a child.

Sadly, many teens and adults have committed suicide, unable to come to terms with what they had done to their body.

In addition, many girls mourn over the fact they’ll never be able to carry a baby in their womb or breastfeed after having had a double hysterectomy.

The stakes are too high – we must continue to speak up for our children however we can to protect them from those who wish to use them to push a radical agenda.

Cheers for Mississippi for being yet another state to stand up for our kids!

One day history will look back on all those who experimented with children’s bodies and will be horrified.

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