Sneaky School District Officials Instruct Teachers Not To Use “Transgender” Pronouns Around Parents

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A Colorado school district was busted telling teachers to call students by their “transgender” pronouns…

… but only when their parents weren’t around.

And once you learn the reason why Colorado school officials want to hide students true “gender” from their parents – you’re bound to be outraged.

As a parent – if your child struggles with gender dysphoria – you have every right to know so you can talk with them – and get them into appropriate counseling.

But these days, schools know parents aren’t on board with the LGBT agenda – so they work in secret behind closed doors to push an agenda onto children while instructing them to hide what they learn from their parents.

And when staff at Poudre School District (PSD) in Fort Collins, Colorado reached out to confirm if they should call students by their “preferred pronoun” – or keep it a secret when their parents were around – the answer they received was horrifying.

After a freedom of information request, the leaked emails revealed the shocking details – teachers were calling students by their “legal names” in front of parents but their “preferred names” while in school.

In looking deeper at the PSD policy’s guidelines for supporting “transgender and non-binary students” – its clear teachers are instructed to go against the wishes of parents.

LifeSite News reported:

“When communicating with a parent/guardian of a transgender or non-binary student, staff should use the name and pronouns that a student’s parent/guardian use to avoid outing the student…

The guidelines also state that “All students may dress in accordance with their gender identity and gender expression,” and warn staff members that “[t]he deliberate or persistent refusal to respect a student’s gender identity or expression by intentionally using an incorrect name and/or pronoun [like the child’s legal name and pronouns corresponding to their immutable biology] is an example of harassment in District policy and Colorado law.”

Schools are so obsessed with pushing their “transgender” agenda they ignore the wishes and desires of parents.

It’s no wonder so many students struggle with gender dysphoria – they are trapped in a policy that harms them – and keeps it a secret from their parents.

Any teacher who further propels gender dysphoria in students should be fired – if not prosecuted.

But in our current reality – teachers and school officials who actually stand up for children and fight to call them by their biological names and gender are the ones who get fired.

Thankfully we still have some politicians fighting on behalf of children – but we need more.

A child goes to school to learn – not be indoctrinated by an agenda.

Let’s hope parents continue to sound the alarm so they can fight back against the radical teachers determined to ruin our children.

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