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Fisher Price Markets New “RuPaul” Little People Toys To Children

Photo by José Luis Ruiz on   Those of us who grew up playing with Little People remember the days of typical characters like policemen or doctors. But now – Fisher Price has introduced a “special edition” figure set… featuring none other than three RuPaul characters. And once you […]

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American Girl Doll Book Encourages Little Girls As Young As 3-Years-Old To “Change Genders”

  It was only a matter of time before yet another beloved children’s toy fell victim to the “transgender” craze. American Girl published a book promoting puberty blockers – and telling children to find a “trusted adult” if their parents don’t support their gender change. And once you hear the […]

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Virginia Professor Aims At “Destigmatizing Pedophilia”

  The educational system has gone into complete madness trying to appease every non-sensical whim of the liberal mob. Across the nation we are seeing schools adopt transgender bathroom policies, implement sex-ed programs for kindergarten children, and force young college students to write about inappropriate situations. But if you thought […]

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Vermont High School Half-Time Features Adult Men In Drag

  We have already seen how the left has no bounds of indecency concerning our children. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse than “Drag Story Hour” at the library or transgender bathrooms at the public schools, this happens. A disgusting display of the “anything is acceptable” liberal […]

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Biden Vows To Punish States If They Don’t Bow Down To The LGBT Agenda

  Biden’s team has a warning to all states – get on board the “transgender” agenda or pay the price. In fact, a recent White House pro-LGBT online event was so insane, you won’t believe the threat they leveled at states. Even worse – they encouraged kids to get involved […]