Vermont High School Half-Time Features Adult Men In Drag

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We have already seen how the left has no bounds of indecency concerning our children.

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse than “Drag Story Hour” at the library or transgender bathrooms at the public schools, this happens.

A disgusting display of the “anything is acceptable” liberal agenda built to undermine morals and values comes to a Vermont high school.

The homecoming football game is one of the most exciting events of ones high school career.

The energy is contagious as school pride rings louder than it has all year, creating a joyful environment of camaraderie.

…at least that is how homecoming football games are supposed to be.

Sadly, for Burlington High School the pride wasn’t so much for the football team who have undoubtedly worked their butts off for the game, or the band that practiced tirelessly after school for months, but rather for the grown men in makeup prancing about.

That’s right, the halftime redirected focus away from the kids onto the “drag ball” as it was called.

Students and faculty members (the ones we entrust our children’s education to) parading across the football field in gowns, wigs, and makeup, according to Fox News, with a fully decorated crowd in rainbow gear.

Instead of questioning this odd event, student leader of the Gender Sexuality Alliance at Burlington School, Ezra Totten, just praised the participants and those in the rowdy stands.

Totten states as Fox News reports:

Things went amazing. The stands were completely packed. … It was just so heartwarming to see.”

What is heartwarming about the math teacher wearing your daughter’s prom dress from last year, looking like they just came from a Mary Kay party gone wrong?!

While the group of about 30 students and faculty walked out on the field in drag they were also lip-syncing to Todrick Hall’s “Rainbow Reign.”

You would expect Gender Sexuality Alliance to perform a stunt like this, but that surprisingly is not the one who proposed the whole idea of a “drag ball.”

Andrew LeValley, an English teacher, was the creator of the whole event.

So a grown man, who is also an alliance advisor (meaning he tells children how they should feel and act about their sexuality), is the one who thought it was a good idea to display controversial sexual behavior at a high school football game.

LeValley, who wore a Shakespearean burgundy gown to the ball, told Fox News:

“I was just really hoping to give our students – who are both out and the students that were in the stands who are not out – a moment to shine and feel loved, and know that there is a place for them in public schools.”

Then on top of the English teacher having the idea for the ball, the athletic director at Burlington High School, Quaron Pinckney suggested it be held at the homecoming game.

Vermont has been on the radar for pro-LGBT events and legislation for some time now.

However, it is unfortunate that it is not seen as an inappropriate act that adult men are trying to push cross dressing on high school students.

High school is tough enough without the adults who are supposed to be a support system making the kids ponder and question things beyond their developmental understanding.

It is wrong.

While we can expect more behavior like this from the LGBT community, hopefully we will not see as much idle submission to it.