Fisher Price Markets New “RuPaul” Little People Toys To Children

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Those of us who grew up playing with Little People remember the days of typical characters like policemen or doctors.

But now – Fisher Price has introduced a “special edition” figure set… featuring none other than three RuPaul characters.

And once you hear the details on this latest “toy” – you’re bound to be outraged.

Toy companies just can’t seem to help themselves.

Instead of holding the line – they’ve jumped on the LGBT bandwagon at record speed.

Children are bombarded with “drag queens.”

Whether at the library, during school field trips, and even in church

… and now toy companies are actually selling “drag queen” toys to children.

Fisher Price is marketing these “drag queen” toys to children ages 1-and-up – as if one-year-old children need to play with toys of a man dressed like a woman.

Today reported:

“The RuPaul figure set is complete with replicas of signature on- and off-the-runway looks. The drag looks include glamorous purple and pink gowns — both with larger than life blond wigs — and are based on outfits actually worn by RuPaul.

The third figure features RuPaul out of drag in a signature bold suit with a color scheme combining elements of the two gowns.”

Sadly, Fisher Price isn’t the only company that’s embraced the LGBT agenda.

Mommy Underground recently reported on the American Girl Doll book that tells kids they can change genders and talk it over with their doctor if there isn’t a “safe adult” in the home.

Our poor children!

Kids are more confused than ever when being “transgender” is portrayed as something common.

Not to mention, we know kids often fall prey to peer pressure – and these days, being able to “change genders” is something that is happening all across the country – and what was once taboo is now encouraged by our culture.

Even more horrific, if an adult speaks against it – they are punished.

So, moms, as if you didn’t already have enough things on your list – be sure to check out the toys your children are playing with.

It’s truly sad the most innocent moments of a child’s life – like story-time at the library or playing with toys has been corrupted.

While there will always be adults on the prowl to lead children astray, as moms we must stand our ground.

Time after time, history has shown that moms who band together for a cause prevail – and there is no greater cause than protecting our children from the infiltration of LGBT propaganda.

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