Child Attempts Suicide After Secret “Gender Identity” Meeting With Counselors

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Paterson Elementary School officials were determined to convince a little 12-year-old girl she was really “transgender” – traumatizing her so much she contemplated suicide – twice.

Her parents were horrified when they were called into school to learn their daughter had tried to hang herself multiple times in the school bathroom.

And once the parents learned the reason behind their daughter’s suicide attempts – they were beyond outraged.

School officials were finally forced to confess they were hosting “secret” meetings with the young girl to discuss her gender identity.

Naturally, the parents demanded to know why they weren’t aware of the meetings – to which the school claimed “confidentiality” protected them from having to notify parents.


The Child & Parental Rights Campaign filed suit on behalf of the family – stating how these secret meetings (without parental knowledge) actually caused physical harm to the girl.

The Daily Mail reported:

“Attorney Vernadette Broyles, who is representing the family, said the suit aims to ‘protect the rights of parents to be able to raise their children, to direct the care of their child, in accordance with their faith and without the interference of government officials’. 

‘It is a serious mental health decision that school personnel are not qualified, not competent, and not authorized to make,’ she said. ‘Parents must be involved in these important decisions.’”


To start, school officials shouldn’t be hosting “secret meetings” with students…

… especially when the main purpose is to push their LGBT agenda onto impressionable minds.

Schools are utterly obsessed with trying to convince perfectly normal children there must be “something wrong with them” – causing kids to doubt their own identities.

Some teachers even eavesdrop in the hallways trying to use a child’s private conversation with their friends as a means to recruit them to join pro-LGBT clubs.

It’s absolutely horrifying. 

Instead of focusing on actually teaching children, adults who are supposed to protect them continue to put them in harm’s way.

Things have gotten so bad in our schools even teenagers are showing up to school board meetings to speak out against the LGBT agenda – begging school officials to stop endangering their lives.

But these leftist school districts don’t care.

Not only are they determined to continue with their pro-LGBT agenda – but they hope to continue their cloak of secrecy and keep parents out of the mix.

Instead of encouraging students to develop healthy relationships with their parents with open communication – schools are creating division.

Thankfully, parents are fighting back against the radical schools – going to court if need be.

Let’s hope this 12-year-old girl gets the true mental health counseling she needs to recover from the brainwashing she received from adults in her own school.

Now that her parents are aware of what is happening, at least they can protect her from those seeking to harm her. 

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