National Librarian Conference Trains Staff  How To Bring In “Drag Queens” Without Parental Consent 


The backlash of “drag queen” story hour is sweeping through the nation and causing an uproar in local communities who oppose this perverse program.

Our children have been subjected to male sexual predators dressed as women reading stories to children, and parents are finally fed up.

But instead of shutting down their “drag queen” story hours, a national librarian conference gathered librarians across the country and trained them how to sneak in “drag queens” without parental knowledge.

Life Site News reported:

“Held in Washington, D.C., the week-long American Library Association (ALA) conference brought well over 21,000 attendees to the nation’s capital and featured workshops with titles such as:

  • “Queerness in comics”;
  • “A Child’s Room to Choose: Encouraging Gender Identity and Expression in School and Public Libraries”;
  • “LGBTQ+ Creators and Characters in Kids, Tween, and Teen Comics”;
  • “Reading the Rainbow: Teaching Kids about Pride and LGBTQ+ History”;
  • “Are You Going to Tell My Parents?: The Minor’s Right to Privacy in the Library”; and
  • “Telling Stories, Expanding Boundaries: Drag Queen Storytimes in Libraries.”

In one breakout session about LGBT-themed children’s literature, librarians took time to brainstorm suggestions for “Non-Trad Families” books they could promote. This included titles such as “My Brother’s Husband,” “Lumberjanes,” and “Pregnant Butch.”

With sessions like “Are You Going To Tell MY Parents?” teaching about a child’s “privacy” in a public library – it’s clear libraries are encouraging children to hide things from their parents.

And with such an obsession on LGBT propaganda like promoting books like “Pregnant Butch” – it’s clear the goal of these librarians is to normalize LGBT material. 

And as for “drag queens” gaining access to children… 

… this conference reveals librarians are siding with “drag queens” in a desperate attempt to force a perverse agenda onto children.

But having grown men dressed as women read to children isn’t just wrong – it’s actually dangerous. 

As Mommy Underground previously reported, not once, but twice, sexual predators were busted reading stories to children.  

And they aren’t just satisfied with reading to children – “drag queens” are actually encouraging children to give them dollar bills during storytime as they parade around. It’s unbelievable to think this perverted behavior is happening right within a local neighborhood library!

Whatever happened to the days of libraries being a safe place for children to spend their summers reading and growing in knowledge, or studying so they can succeed at school while learning new things?

And if 21,000 librarians need to gather together to learn how to keep the “drag queen” story hour active despite parent objection – this shows something must be wrong.

Anytime events are marketed to be kept a “secret” from parents, this should be a red flag and a warning something shady is going on. 

Parents deserve to know what their children are being exposed to, so they have the choice to either allow or shield them from that particular activity.

But it’s clear from their latest actions, librarians are more concerned with promoting the LGBT agenda than in fostering transparent relationships with parents and providing clean and family-friendly activities for children. 

What are your thoughts on 21,000 librarians gathering together to learn how to hide LGBT events from parents?

Have you seen “drag queen” story hours happen at your local library? 

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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