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A New Year Means A New And Improved Mom With These Goals

  The last year has been a political and economic roller coaster – making it a trying year for parents. While we may have occasionally buckled under the pressure and told our kids to brush their teeth a little too loud or spent a little too much time keeping up with […]

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4 Expert Tips To Eliminating Entitlement In Your Child

  Every parent has unspoken expectations they put on their children and on themselves about how your child is going to be raised. While it is common and acceptable to want the best for your child, it is a slippery slope into having your child expect the best of things. […]

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There Are Two Words Every Parent Needs To Start Using

  If you are anything like me, you are inundated by all the parenting info out there, but at the same time can’t stop reading every blog and new psychologist suggestion out there. And as you read this you are probably thinking, “Here I am, doing it again.” But this […]

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The Pandemic May Be Changing the Future of Childcare – What Working Parents Need to Know

One of the greatest hurdles working parents have faced this year is adjusting to having the kids home, rather than in school, all day. Whether parents work outside the home or work from home, the challenges of limited in-person classes and virtual learning means that nearly every parent needs some […]

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‘Calm-Housing’ Is One Mom’s Trick For Grabbing A Peaceful Moment With Kids

Kids are inherently noisy. They like to experiment with volume, pretend they are the loudest animal they can think of, and will do anything to be heard. This is all well and good- unless you have been enduring six straight hours of dinosaurs versus robots. Then a break in the […]

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Uncover Your Child’s Strengths To Release Their Potential

  This year has brought a unique set of circumstances that have taken our attention, time, and energy. With the beginning of a new school year, we as parents have an opportunity to be intentional in our actions with our children. Learn to use your child’s strong character traits and […]

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This Parenting Pitfall Can Have a Lifelong Social Impact

  There are two things virtually every parent can agree on – it’s incredibly rewarding to be a parent, and it’s incredibly hard to know what to do all the time. We’re raised a certain way ourselves, are influenced by our own environments, friends and family, and sometimes just “wing […]

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Incredible: Two Parents Both In A Wheelchair Shatter Stereotypes In How To Raise A Child

  Raising a baby can be tough – especially when one of the parents has a disability. But for this new family of three – BOTH mom and dad spend most of their time in a wheelchair, and while they’ve had to adapt they are thriving at raising their little […]

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Should Men’s Restrooms Have Changing Tables? This Dad Thinks So

  It’s a stereotype to believe only a mother is interested (or responsible) in caring for her baby. Sure, there are some things a dad can’t automatically do – like breastfeed his baby (until a breast pump can be used to bottle feed) – but dads are often eager to […]

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Mom Break: Study Shows the Benefits of One-on-One Time with Dad

  In recent decades as traditional values have eroded, so has the traditional family unit comprised of a mother, father, and children. But countless studies have proven the importance of both parental roles in the mental well-being of their children. Much of this research has now been poured over by […]