Should Men’s Restrooms Have Changing Tables? This Dad Thinks So

Photo by Paul Green on Unsplash


It’s a stereotype to believe only a mother is interested (or responsible) in caring for her baby.

Sure, there are some things a dad can’t automatically do – like breastfeed his baby (until a breast pump can be used to bottle feed) – but dads are often eager to be just as involved in their baby’s life as the mom!

But many dads feel like the odds are against them – as society seems to think somehow raising a baby is “mom’s job.”

And in a public setting, many dads are experiencing firsthand the lack of changing tables in male restrooms – and they are taking it personal.

Many men strongly feel it shouldn’t be up to the mother to be the only one changing dirty diapers and helping care for the baby.

In fact, artist John Legend firmly believes fathers should be involved in caring for their children and is actually working with Pampers on a “Love the Change” campaign to bring more changing tables to men’s restrooms by 2021!

Parents reported:

“Over the next two years, Pampers and Koala Kare will identify high-need public locations—such as parks and recreation centers, community centers and libraries in cities like Cincinnati, Dallas, Philadelphia, and Detroit—and provide baby changing tables for installation in the men’s restrooms.

“There are a lot of dads who are active parents and want to do what they can, and there are certain things we can’t anatomically do [like breastfeeding], but changing diapers is one of the things we definitely can do, and we should be equal partners in our relationship,” Legend, dad to Luna, 3, and Miles, 1, tells But when couples have to contend with public restrooms that are lacking changing tables for men, he says that “builds in the discrimination and inequality in the relationship.”

The campaign is set to bring more than 5,000 changing tables to men’s restrooms!

Of course, many parents still refuse to use public restrooms to change their babies and have gotten creative using their own pad and changing their children in a private place.

As Mommy Underground previously reported, many public changing tables are full of bodily fluids and remnants of drug use – and they are the LAST place any mom wants to place her baby – even with her own pad!

But taking precautions in mind, it is still heartwarming to know many dads are shattering the stereotype of “I don’t change diapers” to wanting to be involved in every aspect of their child’s life!

Studies even show dads can influence the health of their baby before they are even born!

And once the little one is here – we know new mamas face a wide range of emotions – from joy to postpartum depression.

More than ever, they need the support of their husbands to walk alongside them in the journey of raising little ones.

And while bringing changing tables to men’s restrooms might seem like a small step – it’s a sign stereotypes are starting to change!

Cheers to dads being involved in the lives of their little ones – dirty diapers and all!

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