Postpartum Depression Is Real And Is Causing Some Moms To Commit Suicide 

Being a new mom is one of the most incredible feelings ever. 

And while pregnant, women typically feel connected and experience love and support from friends and family – whether inquiring about when the baby is due and their gender or throwing baby showers.

But for some women, everything changes once they give birth, and some women enter into a deep isolating depression that can have tragic consequences.

Postpartum depression isn’t a topic that is highly talked about – but it is something very real that must be taken seriously.

While giving birth and holding your baby close for the first time – a bonding occurs that is out of this world.

Oxytocin is released into the blood and the feeling of euphoria is experienced with both the mother and her baby.

For some moms this feeling continues, but for other moms their reality is different.

Once the newness wears off – many women are left struggling how to balance the newest addition to their family – and everything else going on.

Many women suddenly find themselves feeling anxious and depressed and they don’t know why.

Other women struggle with how their body looks and feel the pressure to lose weight right away.

They feel the pressure of being the perfect mom, and some even feel unprepared on how to be a mom.

These confusing feelings can end up tragic and lead to depression– as research by JAMA Psychiatry revealed 21.9% of postpartum women were depressed during the first year.  

Even worse, JAMA also discovered suicide was the second leading cause of death in postpartum women!

What makes this situation even more tricky, is moms are led to believe that they must always feel happy as a mom, and any other feeling is abnormal. 

So moms start to feel guilty for feeling sad, which then can lead to shame and isolating depression.

Parents reported:

“Women perform the bulk of housework and childcare, though three-quarters of mothers of children under 18 are employed full-time. It can leave a mother feeling she has too many balls in the air and ashamed she can’t juggle them. “People think it’s normal to be happy all the time postpartum, and that can fuel some women to think, ‘What’s wrong with me?'” says Dr. Herrera.”

But the truth is – there is nothing wrong with these women who are depressed!

With intense hormones and juggling a new baby, everyone responds differently.

Moms who give birth need to know they still have friends and family to lean on for support.  The worst feeling in the world for a new mom is the feeling that she is alone with no support.

So moms, if you have just given birth and are suffering with postpartum depression, please know you are not alone!

Find a trusted friend you can talk with and share freely, the kind of friend who won’t judge you.

Consider a local support group for new moms where you can share your feelings with other moms who get it. 

And remember – it’s okay for you to say no to all extra responsibilities right now!

Have you ever struggled with postpartum depression as a new mom?

What are some ways you were able to get through this difficult season?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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