New Moms Are Pressured And Shamed With This Ridiculous Expectation

Giving birth to a baby and becoming a mother is one of the greatest blessings God bestows upon a woman.

And as a mother bonds with her baby, the “glow” just radiates off her face, as she is full of joy and peace.

But one type of shame is surrounding new mothers and is threatening to steal this “new mom glow”, and it’s getting worse every day.

Suddenly, new moms are bombarded with ads telling women how to “lose the fat now” and “get their bodies back.”

As if they should feel ashamed with how they look post-birth.

Magazine shelves are lined with pictures of celebrities who just gave birth but are still strutting their stuff in skimpy designer clothes as if they were never pregnant.

And even worse, society picks up on this and glorifies it, as if a woman should be embarrassed for not getting her “body back” after she gave birth.

So instead of spending time just being a new mom and enjoying time at home, women are forced to feel the shame for how their body looks.

Sadly, this pressure is deeply internalized.

Some women are ashamed of how they look in front of their husbands and are embarrassed they gained, or can’t lose excess weight.

They forget the fact they just delivered birth to a baby, which is not easy work!

And the expectation that women should suddenly just fall back into their previous body is unrealistic.

One mom shares her hope for not just mothers, but for all women who struggle with the constant pressure to look a certain way.

Scary Mommy reported:

“My hope and desire is that women, mothers especially, will continue to find support throughout their motherhood journey in whatever season of life they might be. I hope, too, that women lost in the dieting culture can learn to resist, reclaiming motherhood in its rightful form; one that should be untainted by the notion that we somehow need to change our bodies in order to love and be loved.

The truth is that our bodies are capable of the miraculous, and we should celebrate this truth, refusing to dwell in angst and miss out on precious moments in our children’s lives because of the lie that our bodies are not good enough. May we be the change we want to see.”

So moms, if you just gave birth, don’t be discouraged!

Sure, you may be a few pounds heavier than you were before.

There is nothing wrong with taking the time to develop healthy habits, such as going for a walk or eating right but do not feel pressured to lose a certain amount of weight.

And if you want to lose the weight quickly, more power to you, really.

For some women, it’s easier to shed pounds than others.

But know you are worth more than what your body size is, so please don’t reduce your God-given value down to how you look.

Congratulations on being a mother! Enjoy your time bonding with your baby.

And most important, don’t let the pressure to look a certain way discourage you.

As a mom, have you ever felt pressured to drop the weight immediately after pregnancy?

Why do you think society places so much emphasis on how a woman looks?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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