Moms Of Newborns Get A Free Pass To Do Whatever

You carried a precious baby in your womb for 9 months and went through the intense laboring process to bring a new life into this world.

Locking eyes with your little one for the first time and feeling the tiny heartbeat against your chest is a supernatural experience for all moms.

But it seems like instead of bonding with your baby, the world expects you to “return to life as normal”, and here’s why you shouldn’t listen.

To start, you just gave birth to a baby!

Some moms have easy births. Some don’t.

Your body is probably still in pain and your hormones are wacked.

Not to mention you have a new life to feed and care for…

… which means getting up all throughout the night.

You are joyful, but you are exhausted. 

And if you have other children, you still are responsible for making sure they get fed too… and that they make it to all their soccer practices, music lessons, and church activities.

Don’t get us wrong – having a new baby is not a burden – it is truly one of the most incredible experiences a woman can ever undergo.

Giving birth and being a mother is a gift from God.

But the world expects you to still show up to all the activities and events as you did before, as if nothing has changed.

When the truth is, everything has changed. 

Yeah, you might not feel like washing your hair for 3 days, or a week.

You might chop it short so it is easy to maintain and live in leggings and a t-shirt.  

And makeup? Yeah right. What’s that?

Your house is a mess. You haven’t unloaded (or maybe even loaded) the dishwasher, and piles of laundry (both clean and dirty) adorn every surface. 

Your best friend might be disappointed you can’t meet for brunch on Sunday, and your sister is wondering why you can’t just “find a babysitter” and come shopping.

Perhaps you are used to hosting at your house, but the sheer thought of anyone seeing your messy place is unthinkable. 

Work may allow some leave, but you are still expected to come back and resume as normal.

But moms, it’s okay to just let yourself be and take off all pressure and obligations!

Bonding with your baby is crucial. Your little one needs to know you are there and you care.

And spending time caring for your newborn 24/7 takes priority over making sure your house is perfectly clean. 

Sadly sometimes women feel like they are “missing out” on the outside world and might feel depressed because they can’t make the church ladies’ Christmas party or the ski-trip retreat. 

But realize this is just a season, a wonderful season at that! 

There’s no shame in choosing your baby. 

And with the anti-family culture ramping up in this country, from the business CEOs who claim pregnant women are bad for business, to the women who are shamed for breastfeeding their hungry babies , now more than ever women need to push back on the lie that having a baby is a bad thing.

So ladies, please never underestimate that being a mother is one of the most important roles a woman can ever play. 

In addition, you might have to unload responsibilities off your plate, and that is okay! 

And you have every excuse in the world to say no to extra obligations without shame.

Congratulations to all the new mamas out there!

Snuggle with your little one tight. 

Feel free to take off the pressure to maintain a clean house or keep the mom playdates.

You have a newborn baby, and taking care of that little one reigns supreme.

Why do you think society continues to shame moms into having to fit into this “perfect” image?

Do you agree moms of newborns get a pass on having to commit to extra stuff?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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