‘Calm-Housing’ Is One Mom’s Trick For Grabbing A Peaceful Moment With Kids

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

Kids are inherently noisy. They like to experiment with volume, pretend they are the loudest animal they can think of, and will do anything to be heard.

This is all well and good- unless you have been enduring six straight hours of dinosaurs versus robots. Then a break in the ruckus can mean the difference between a glass of wine at dinner and sending them off to grandmas for the week.

Whether you need to make a phone call, have a few moments of peace, or just need to take a mommy moment with your favorite magazine, we have some solutions to calm the chaos.

Generally it is the boys and their incessant need to wrestle or invent some new way to get an adrenaline rush that causes constant household commotion.

Not to say parents haven’t experienced a rowdy exchange from their daughter like in our house when her brother refuses to play “sweety” with her the “right way.”

If your kids are like most, they tend to get louder and needier when you try to accomplish something that doesn’t involve them.

So how do you get your moment of silence (or even anything close to it) without yelling, screaming, or sending them to their rooms?

One mom decided to get creative in finding a solution to this age old parenting dilemma.

And she discovered a brilliant method!

It is called “calm-housing,” reports to Café Mom, and it is “just like wrestling except slower, gentler, and quieter.”

Apparently the boys who tried this found it to be “gut bustingly hilarious,” and it allows the kids to do all the rambunctious things they would normally do…but calmly.

To give you a better visual and more descriptive way to explain it to your children, another mom uses the term “slow motion wrestling,” according to Café Mom.

So have your energetic babes practice hugging, tackling, and talking in slow motion.

Or use “calm-housing” techniques by suggesting games like spying on the parents and writing a report about their activities, or fighting as sloths or snakes where they can’t use their arms and legs.

Getting kids to stop playing while regulating the volume of their voice is not impossible, just much more difficult than suggesting an equally fun yet manageable game.

Hopefully this alone can give you the moment of peace you are craving, or need.

If the calm-housing or slow motion technique doesn’t quite do it, begin setting up places in the home where noise expectations must be followed.

For example, maybe the basement is no holes barred as far as sound goes because all you need to do is walk up the stairs to receive a phone call, and on the other hand the kitchen is a no yelling or toys zone.

There is no one single solution that is going to work every time- because kids have moods, am I right?

But trying these techniques may give you just enough break in the day to keep your sanity and help you provide the very best version of yourself throughout the exciting and trying day as a parent.