A New Year Means A New And Improved Mom With These Goals

Photo by BazaarBizarreSF on Flickr.com


The last year has been a political and economic roller coaster – making it a trying year for parents.

While we may have occasionally buckled under the pressure and told our kids to brush their teeth a little too loud or spent a little too much time keeping up with current events, we now have the opportunity to reprioritize our lives.

Come into the new year as Mommy 2.0 with some practical and helpful goals to keep you and your children’s relationship stronger than ever!

New Year’s resolutions are not a new concept and bring much needed hope and ambition to tired parents.

Getting fit and strong after a year of “I’ll start Monday” typically tops the resolution charts, but setting goals that better ourselves apart from our waistline are also important for a healthier version of you.

What if you made this year all about becoming the mom you’ve been dreaming to be?

You know the type. The one who doesn’t get upset over spilled milk and spends her days in real clothes and not glorified pajamas.

All moms are at different places in their journey of parenthood but adopting some of these goals for the New Year will help improve yourself, your relationship with your precious babes, and bring peace into your home.

Who doesn’t want that?!

Eliminate Mom Guilt

Getting caught up in the emotions of all the little (or not so little) trials and tribulations of the day can lead to actions we aren’t proud of.

At the end of the day, when you have a chance to quietly reflect on the events of the day, it’s easy to spiral into an endless barrage of mom guilt.

Make eliminating mom guilt a priority by telling yourself each night, “I did my best and tomorrow will only be better.”

Write down what you were unhappy about with your behavior (not your children’s – you can only change yourself!) and 3 solutions to try next time you’re at the crossroads of emotion and action.

Find Balance in Motherhood

Being a parent can be all-consuming with the constant flow of requests and playing referee to sibling rivalry.

However, you are a distinct and valuable person apart from your role as a mother – and not losing sight of that should be a priority this year and beyond.

The balance between self-interest and motherhood will not be a 50/50 split most days but starting the day being mindful of your existence and worth will help you to remember motherhood is a piece of you but you have more to show your children.

Be Open to Change

Routines can be good and beneficial for the whole family, but not when they are dysfunctional ones.

Getting up and eating breakfast at the same time every morning is a great routine, yelling every afternoon when your child refuses to clean their room is a bad routine…and we have all been there.

Make this year better by being open to the possibility you have adopted some unhealthy habits that need to be changed to improve the quality of life for you and your children.

Begin by making a list of the habits that bring you unrest as a mom (power struggles, tardiness, and yelling are among the most popular) and then make a conscious decision to make some big changes.

If you have a problem yelling, try sitting on the floor every time you get the urge to correct your children loudly.

You will find it is difficult to be as mad and raise your voice from the floor.

If power struggles are your kryptonite then try asking your child questions instead of demands to reach a healthy compromise that takes the battle out of the situation.

For those who struggle with tardiness, or kids who won’t get their shoes on and out the door if their life depended on it, try making it a game with plenty of time for error.

“Whoever gets into the car ready to go first gets to pick the music on the way to basketball practice!”

It can be amazing how fast kids move when they are properly motivated.

Motherhood is a crazy journey – but we want to make sure you enjoy the ride.

Taking time to invest in the never-ending and incredibly fulfilling job of being a parent is never time wasted, and has an amazing return on investment.