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This Inherited Trait is Hard on Parent and Child – Here’s How We Can Help

  There has been a noticeable cultural shift in recent decades that seems to equate dedication to detail and non-stop work as positive character traits. Americans, especially, push themselves to work harder and longer than any other culture, often to the detriment of the family. But one trait that is […]

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Waking Up Early Used To Be Terrible–Until You Did This

  I have heard it said, “I am a morning person.” Waking up before the sun rises, bright and chipper; ready to start the day. That person is not me. However, I have found certain benefits to rising with the roosters that have given me cause to leave the warm […]

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Groundbreaking Research Finds Another Lifetime Benefit for Nursing Moms

  We all know that breastfeeding has proven health benefits for both mom and baby, and many of them last for life. Depending on the length of time spent nursing and the number of children breastfed, women are given many protections against cancer, heart disease, and osteoporosis. And now, researchers […]

How To Help Your Little Ones Stay Focused

How To Help Your Little Ones Stay Focused

  Many children struggle with the ability to remain focused on a given task – leaving parents frustrated and unsure what to do. In fact, when a child is told to “do their homework” with no other guidelines – many moms become discouraged when they check on their child and […]

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Yes – Children Can Be Scared To Grow Up And Here’s How To Help Them

  Some children become excited at the idea of growing older and getting to do things little kids can’t do… … but then other children fearfully hold on to their mother’s leg sobbing at even the thought of their next birthday. The truth is, growing up can be scary for […]

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Here Are The Real Reasons Your Child Is Acting Out

  If your once well-behaved child is suddenly starting to act out and rebel – you might be confused as to why. From yelling “NO!”, every time you ask them to do something, to getting into fights and quarrels with their siblings, you may wonder just what has gotten into […]

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Landmark Research on Siblings May Help Identify Mental Health Risk Factors

Scientists have studied the concept of “nature versus nurture” for decades. While each family is unique, it appears that both home environment and genetic factors are vital in predicting our overall health as adults. But recent studies have provided even more information on just how crucial it is for a […]

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Parents Are Fighting Back As the World’s Most Famous Children’s Show Embraces the LGBT Agenda

We see it every day now – progressive propaganda targeting our children. Whether in public schools, through the media, or even in formerly family-friendly children’s programming, the left’s agenda to groom our children is moving forward like a steam roller. But parents are fed up and firing back as one […]

How To Talk With Your Teen When They Make A Mistake Without Crushing Their Spirit

How To Talk With Your Teen When They Make A Mistake Without Crushing Their Spirit

Being a mom of a teenager can be tough – especially with a teen who always seems to be pushing the limits on just how far they can go.  And while discipline is an important part of parenting – it isn’t always the first tool to use when your teen […]

A Tragic Case in Canada Serves As a Cautionary Tale for Parents in the U.S.

A Tragic Case in Canada Serves As a Cautionary Tale for Parents in the U.S.

The laws of the United States and many other nations mandate that a minor is anyone under the age of eighteen, and thereby subject to the guidance of their parent or legal guardian. Teens cannot vote, establish a residency on their own, or enter military service before this milestone, and […]