Here Are The Real Reasons Your Child Is Acting Out

Photo by Ryan Franco on Unsplash


If your once well-behaved child is suddenly starting to act out and rebel – you might be confused as to why.

From yelling “NO!”, every time you ask them to do something, to getting into fights and quarrels with their siblings, you may wonder just what has gotten into your child.

Those on the outside might label your child as a “spoiled brat”, or a “naughty child”, but they are missing one major thing.

Every good parent knows when a child is constantly misbehaving something deeper is going on inside.

So if you’re wondering what has happened to your sweet child, here are a few things you might want to consider.


They’re Stressed

Children are very observant, and they can often sense when something is off.

If you are stressed out and your household is tense – that can trickle down to your child.

Whether it’s due to financial struggles or even fear over outside events – children can often take on the stress and feel responsible.

Or perhaps your child is feeling stressed regarding changes at school or lack of contact with their friends.

They could even be bullied at school and decide to take out their frustration at home.

If your child starts acting out, make sure you take time to talk with them to get to the root of the issue.


They Want Attention

Every child wants attention – and if they can’t seem to win approval from doing good things like getting A’s and excelling in extra-curricular activities – they’ll find another way.

Perhaps your child has already demonstrated they feel left out and have given up trying to get you to notice them…

… so they think acting out will at least get you to pay attention to them (some attention is better than no attention in their eyes).

Whether it’s the birth of a younger brother or sister or increased responsibility of work in your home, make sure your child always knows they are loved and they matter.

Consider taking time each day to have a brief “check in” with your child – see how their day was and ask how you can pray for them (or even pray with them).

Or institute a monthly night where you can spend time with your child doing something they like – even going out for ice-cream or watching a movie on the couch.

Children need attention! And they crave your love.

If they know they don’t need to misbehave to get it, you’ll be surprised at how their behavior changes.


They’re Testing You

Children are known to test their parents, but often times a child wants to know, really KNOW if you love them.

So they’ll do everything they can to push you away just to see how you respond.

If you remain calm and steady, they’ll learn you are a stable and consistent force in their life and you aren’t going anywhere.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you let your child do whatever they want, there are still consequences for bad behavior.

But you can still discipline your child in love, letting them know the rules of your home and setting them up for success.

Once your child truly internalizes your love for them, it’s bound to change their external behavior.

So moms, take heart.

Your precious sweet child is still there – they just may be going through a time right now.

But your love and guidance will surely help get them through!

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