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Stop Comparing Your Kids “Milestones” To Every Other Child 

  As moms, we all want our child to succeed and progress in their development – but sometimes well-meaning people place an undue amount of pressure onto our children.  Whether your child is “delayed” in walking (by some arbitrary standards) or hasn’t uttered more than a few words (when a […]

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4 Expert Tips To Eliminating Entitlement In Your Child

  Every parent has unspoken expectations they put on their children and on themselves about how your child is going to be raised. While it is common and acceptable to want the best for your child, it is a slippery slope into having your child expect the best of things. […]

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5 Effective Ways To Support Our Children’s Mental Health

  Recent events have given parents a whole new slew of issues to deal with concerning their children. There are all the new school policies to contend with or virtual schooling, trying to limit screen time when the entire family is home 24/7, and learning to entertain multiple children at […]

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Teach Your Child These Core Values Before Their Teenage Years

  Every mom wants their precious child to grow up into an emotionally healthy and stable adult. But with society and culture actively working against the family unit, now more than ever it’s crucial to instill core values into children while they are still young. By teaching your child these […]

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Are Our Nation’s Schools Giving Kids the Wrong Tools For Developing Healthy Habits?

  With the rise in virtual learning over the course of this year, many parents are getting a better idea of what their children are learning in school. While balancing this new form of education has been difficult for many of us, it does provide us an opportunity to better […]

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Uncover Your Child’s Strengths To Release Their Potential

  This year has brought a unique set of circumstances that have taken our attention, time, and energy. With the beginning of a new school year, we as parents have an opportunity to be intentional in our actions with our children. Learn to use your child’s strong character traits and […]

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Get Your Child To Read Fervently With Controversial Dad Hack

  Children can be very reluctant to do things we ask of them, even if it is completely for their benefit. Nothing highlights this truth more than educational endeavors – like teaching your child their shapes, how to dress themselves, or even how to read. How do we encourage our […]

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Getting Your Kids To Tidy Their Room Is Possible With These 4 Easy Steps

  A tidy home is one of those things that just makes a mother’s life feel less chaotic. Reduced clutter, clean dishes, and zero legos to step on allows you to deal with the abundance of cheerios you found stuffed into the dress up box or the hour long tantrum […]

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This Inherited Trait is Hard on Parent and Child – Here’s How We Can Help

  There has been a noticeable cultural shift in recent decades that seems to equate dedication to detail and non-stop work as positive character traits. Americans, especially, push themselves to work harder and longer than any other culture, often to the detriment of the family. But one trait that is […]

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The 5 Most Important Things You Can Tell Your Children

  As a parent you want to say the right thing to your child every time, hoping that your words incite wisdom, love, and understanding. While it is impossible to be the perfect mom, you can empower your child to feel their worth and know the unconditional love you have […]