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Getting Your Kids To Tidy Their Room Is Possible With These 4 Easy Steps

  A tidy home is one of those things that just makes a mother’s life feel less chaotic. Reduced clutter, clean dishes, and zero legos to step on allows you to deal with the abundance of cheerios you found stuffed into the dress up box or the hour long tantrum […]

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This Inherited Trait is Hard on Parent and Child – Here’s How We Can Help

  There has been a noticeable cultural shift in recent decades that seems to equate dedication to detail and non-stop work as positive character traits. Americans, especially, push themselves to work harder and longer than any other culture, often to the detriment of the family. But one trait that is […]

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The 5 Most Important Things You Can Tell Your Children

  As a parent you want to say the right thing to your child every time, hoping that your words incite wisdom, love, and understanding. While it is impossible to be the perfect mom, you can empower your child to feel their worth and know the unconditional love you have […]

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Rushing Into Academics Isn’t What Your Child Needs For Success

  We all want to see our children not just make it through life, but thrive. Somewhere along the lines society has taught us that in order for this to happen we have to sign our kids up for every possible group possible- creative dance class, math club, soccer, and […]

Kick Off Summer With 3 Amazing Toddler Activities

Kick Off Summer With 3 Amazing Toddler Activities

  Filling up the long, beautiful summer days with activities your toddler enjoys can seem like an endless task- especially when they only play with one thing for ten minutes at a time. The go-to move for wiggly, bored toddlers is to set them up with the tantalizing screen, where […]

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What To Do When Your Child’s Anger Turns To Rage

  Every mom has the challenge of helping their little ones navigate different emotions. And throughout the tragedies of life, especially with the latest chaos happening in our world, many children are feeling confused and unable to comprehend what is going on around them. But some children have become enraged […]

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Never Too Little To Learn! Check Out These Fun Learning Activities For Your Toddler

  Curious toddlers enjoy using their senses to explore and test the big new world around them. From discovering how their body works through kinetic motions to imitating the sights and sounds they see, children learn best by play. So if you think your little one might too young to […]

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If Your Child Struggles With Nightmares, Here Are A Few Things You Can Do

  Some children have no problems dozing off in their comfy bed and sleeping through the night. But other children struggle with nightmares and bad dreams which can leave them feeling scared, helpless, and confused. The good news is, if your little one is having nightmares there are a few […]

3 Ways To Help Your Child Embrace The Gift Of Failure

3 Ways To Help Your Child Embrace The Gift Of Failure

  Success is often celebrated among families – whether it’s winning a championship game or scoring good grades in school. But society has long preached failure is a bad thing, claiming losing means somehow one isn’t “good enough” or “acceptable.” The truth is, failure can be a gift and can […]

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Yes – Children Can Be Scared To Grow Up And Here’s How To Help Them

  Some children become excited at the idea of growing older and getting to do things little kids can’t do… … but then other children fearfully hold on to their mother’s leg sobbing at even the thought of their next birthday. The truth is, growing up can be scary for […]