Never Too Little To Learn! Check Out These Fun Learning Activities For Your Toddler

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Curious toddlers enjoy using their senses to explore and test the big new world around them.

From discovering how their body works through kinetic motions to imitating the sights and sounds they see, children learn best by play.

So if you think your little one might too young to learn or remember anything new, guess again!

Check out some activities you can do today with your little one that are bound to get the gears turning in their young minds.


Creative Play

Get creative and use the items around your home to teach your little ones the gift of exploring the scenery around them.

There’s no need to spend thousands of dollars buying plastic toys with the latest whistles and bells.

Toddlers can be entertained with anything.

Consider taking blocks and teaching your child different shapes or how to match different items together.

Or host an interactive story time with costumes and props and allow them to dance around and sing.

From music to acting to exploring a handmade maze, children love to be active!


Telephone Game

Want to make your little one smile?

Make silly voices and practice playing telephone!

As your voice changes, your toddler will intently listen and learn to recognize new sounds and words.

And not only will they have fun, they’ll learn language and social development skills too.

You can even get creative and talk through various objects like cardboard tube or pipe and give them a chance to do the same.

They’ll love hearing how their voice changes sound depending on what they speak through.


Water Play

Children love experiencing different sensations and feelings.

And if you have a toddler – you know they love exploring water wherever they can find it – from open toilets to faucets.

Create a sand and water play area to allow your child to explore water in a safe way.

They’ll love grasping at the sand and splashing around in the water – and they’ll work to develop their fine motor skills and tactile stimulation.

It should go without saying, but never leave a toddler alone with water.

You can even get a few water toys to float around the water, or cups and shovels to play with the sand.


Colors And Shapes

Introduce fun games with bright colors and different objects to allow your children to get a head start on learning their colors and shapes.

Children love to organize and make piles, and now is the perfect time to teach them how to organize.

Parents reported:

“The act of observing, comparing, and contrasting objects is a vital part of early mathematics, says Dr. Seaton. Fortunately, little kids are master sorters. In this learning activity for toddlers, ask your child to group his stuffed animals by type (cats in one pile, bears in another) or by color. See if he can separate your clean socks from his when you do the laundry, and have him put different-size spoons in their proper place in the silverware tray. Sometime before age 2, your child will also recognize the difference between less and more. “Ask questions like ‘Which pile has the most and which one the least?'” says Dr. Seaton.”

You’d be surprised at how quickly they’ll pick it up.


Have Fun!

Don’t assume your child is too young to learn.

Young children are determined to explore the world around them, and you can help them learn as they grow.

New experiences are exciting to toddlers, and the possibilities of learning are endless.

And remember, they love to help around the house too so consider soliciting their help with your weekly chores!

Whether it’s practicing putting a piece of paper in the garbage or a pillow on the couch, little ones love to be mommy’s helper.

Have fun teaching your child a whole new world of fun!

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