Yes – Children Can Be Scared To Grow Up And Here’s How To Help Them

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Some children become excited at the idea of growing older and getting to do things little kids can’t do…

… but then other children fearfully hold on to their mother’s leg sobbing at even the thought of their next birthday.

The truth is, growing up can be scary for a child, especially if they feel insecure or afraid of the future – but the good news is you can help alleviate their fear if you are sensitive to their needs.

Here are a few ways you can help a child face growing older without fear.


Let Them Know You Will Always Be There

Many children feel scared to grow up because they feel they will be abandoned.

Whether they fear the abandonment will be emotional or physical, this can be a traumatizing thought to a child who already feels helpless to face the world!

Reassure your child you are always their mother, and you’ll always be there for them.

Once they begin to internalize that mom isn’t going anywhere, it can help them face life with confidence.


Affirm Their Strengths

Every child wants to feel as though they have a purpose in this world.

As their mother, you have the unique ability to affirm their purpose and calling.

Even if you don’t exactly know what it is yet, encourage your child to explore activities and hobbies that interest them.

While art may start out as a “hobby” – it could turn into a career.

A love for learning could produce a teacher.

Once a child starts to understand they are created for a purpose and they have a calling on their life, it can make growing up a little less scary.


Don’t Keep Them In The Dark

Often, physical changes to one’s body can be scary if a child isn’t taught what to expect!

Imagine if a child never knew their baby teeth were supposed to fall out, and then suddenly one day at dinner a tooth falls out.

Of course, a child would feel frightened!

Or what if a teen girl was never taught once she hits puberty she will begin her menstrual cycle, and then suddenly it begins at school and she is unprepared and scared.

All of this could have been avoided with a simple conversation.

It’s important for kids and teens to know what to expect and have age appropriate conversations about how their bodies will change.


Set Them Up For Success

Make sure you invest in the future of your child.

Whether it’s setting up a college-savings fund the day they’re born, or ensuring they are in a good school with solid teaching, these investments at a young age will go a long way.

Introducing faith to your child, and having them witness you live yours out is also setting them up to believe in something higher than themselves.

Growing up can be nerve-racking for a child, but you can do your part to make it just a little bit less scary.

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