The 5 Most Important Things You Can Tell Your Children

Photo by Eye for Ebony on Unsplash


As a parent you want to say the right thing to your child every time, hoping that your words incite wisdom, love, and understanding.

While it is impossible to be the perfect mom, you can empower your child to feel their worth and know the unconditional love you have for them.

All you have to do is tell them these five life-changing phrases.

It is easy to brush off having an important conversation with our children because we feel we just don’t have the time, or it is not the right time.

However, no one knows how long they have with their precious family so procrastinating talking about the things that matter in lieu of time fillers, like making it to a movie or attending a dance class.

There is no better time to tell your child the words every kid longs to hear, no matter how old they are.

And if you know a child without a parent who needs affirmation and unconditional love, consider stepping into that role to empower them with these words.


1. Thank you

Kids often deduce they are a burden or don’t belong in the family when they are always being chastised for “making me late” or “not doing it right.”

Tell your children “Thank you for giving my life purpose and joy.” Without them we wouldn’t have the direction we have as a parent and the boundless memories to go with it.

The Daily Positive says it this way:

The purpose of parenthood is unlike anything else, giving life to and raising another human being… brings a new level of depth and meaning to our life journey.”


2. I love you

This one may seem obvious, but it is typically only used when everybody is happy, following direction, and remaining calm.

But what about the times when your daughter is yelling at you that you ruined her life because you grounded her during a coveted sleepover, or when you just discovered your son had broken your favorite necklace and hid it under the bed?

Letting your child know you love them with your words and actions in the best of times and the worst of times demonstrates unconditional love to them; a love that gives security and value to an individual in a wavering world.


3. I’m sorry

Keeping up the appearance you are a perfect parent, or that you are always right is not healthy for either you or your children.

Allowing your children to see your vulnerable side and strength in admitting when you were wrong and apologizing can have a profound positive impact on their character and your relationship with them.

Also, saying “I’m sorry” when you empathize with their pain lets your children know you are there for them in times of need.


4. You are amazing

Affirmation is something every human being craves, and searches for when they are void of it.

Affirmations are a powerful tool to help our children grow into their identity,” says Heather Wallace, Positive Parenting Expert, Love and Logic Facilitator.

She continues on, “What you focus on, you get more of. This means that as our children focus on positive character traits they will see these traits reproduced in their life.”

What parent wouldn’t want that for their child?

Having a solid sense of self-esteem will help our children get further in life, reach their potential, and ward off some of the pain that life is inevitably going to throw at them.

Tell your children how important and valued they are daily, and that they were made with purpose.

Be specific in their traits that you find amazing. For example, “You are an amazing kid, you always think of ways to help your friends get along, and you greet me with a smile every time I see you.”


5. I’m proud of you

As The Daily Positive points out, kids are being conditioned by the media, advertising, and society at large to think they “to become more, do more, get more, succeed, strive and look a certain way in order to be “good”…”

Let your child know that your joy in who they are is not performance based.

Children need the reassurance that they can’t make you less proud of them when they make a mistake, don’t get the lead role in the school play, or drop a grade in math.

Verbally relaying these important sentiments to our children daily will help them love the beautiful creation that they are, and build an unbreakable bond that will forever enrich both your lives.