Raunchy Story Hour at Library Features Kids Giving “Drag Queens” Dollar Bills

LGBT activists are no longer satisfied with “drag queens” reading stories to children at local libraries.

Apparently, that isn’t extreme enough for them.

And at an Iowa library, the “drag queen” story hour showed just how low they were willing to go to corrupt our children.

LifeSite News reported on the sickening Facebook promotion the library put out targeted at young children:

“Drag is for everyone.” It said, “Grab your best friend, your preschooler or grandmother, your dad or your neighbor and your neighbor’s kids, roommates, bandmates or that cool kid that sits next to you in math class and check out the free all age-friendly performances by professional and amateur drag performers.”

This promotion clearly shows the library’s attempt to make men dressing up in women’s clothing and reading to children as something normal.

Calling it “age-friendly” and telling children to bring their neighbor and grandmother makes it seem like the event is a safe for family show.

And once the children got to the library, the horrific event got worse.

The event actually showed children giving dollar bills to the “drag queens” as if they were strippers.

In addition, young children were also permitted to dress up in “drag” and parade themselves around.

LifeSite News reported:

“Children in the audience were seen handing money to the performers, in much the same way that strippers and other such performers are rewarded…

At least two performers were minors. “Smoky Moon,” for example, was identified as a middle-school student who had graduated from the library’s training for cross-dressing.”

And these type of shows are becoming more and more common, even sponsored by a leftist “church” on some occasions.

It seems as nothing is taboo, and each show continues to cross the line into new territory, as if each library is trying to make their particular show the most extreme yet.

And liberals claim these shows are completely safe for children, when nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, as Mommy Underground previously reported, not once, but twice, sexual predators were busted reading stories to children

This shows LGBT activists are more concerned with promoting their perverse agenda than protecting children.

And now, promoting a “drag” event to preschoolers, and allowing children to give dollar bills to men dressed up as women shows they are willing to push the envelope even further.

As a result, children continue to be used as pawns in a greater political agenda.

LGBT activists hope they can win children over to the dark side at an early age and get them to buy the lies of the LGBT agenda while they are young.

Conservative and Christian parents are the only ones standing between the “drag queens” and the children.

And now more than ever, moms need to band together and protest the filth being pushed upon our children.

If not, it’s only a matter of time before something even more disastrous takes place at one of these libraries shows.

What are your thoughts on children giving dollar bills to “drag queens” at the local library?

How far do you think LGBT activists are willing to go to push their agenda onto children in the name of “tolerance”?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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