Leftist Church Holds “Drag Queen” Story Hour To Corrupt Young Children

 As “drag queen” story hours continue to sweep the nation at our local libraries, many parents are worried there are no safe places left for their children to be this summer.

So when a local church decided to sponsor a summer reading hour, one would think that would be a safe place to go, right?

Typically yes, except this church has completely twisted God’s word into something it’s not, and decided to host their own “drag queen” story hour – and you won’t believe their reasoning.

After a local library canceled the “drag queen” story time event, one local liberal church who embraces the LGBT ideology decided to sponsor a room at the local library to preserve the event.

One would expect a pro-LGBT group to pick up the event, not a church that is supposed to honor the word of God.

Except this church is not a typical church and subscribes to a perverse LGBT ideology and is leading countless people astray.

The liberal church created a Facebook post inviting parents to the “drag queen” event with the words “Please join us. A drag queen will read children books about how wonderful it is to be unique and special.”

Literally, a church claiming to worship God is telling parents to bring their young children to an event where grown men will dress up in women’s clothing to read to children.

This is the epitome of calling what is “evil” something good.

Upon looking at their church website, their latest stunt should come as no surprise.

Their church website reads:

“We believe in community, not conformity.  We cherish our differences and celebrate our unity.  We are straight, gay, white, black, cis, trans, young and old. We are able bodied and we are people who have ability differences.  We are loved for who we are”

And their Instagram page reinforces their message with one photo displaying signs that read things like “God loves her gay children” and “Gay or straight our kids are great”.

God is very serious when it comes to those who oversee children – warning people that:

“If anyone causes one of these little ones – those who believe in me to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea” – Matthew 18:6

And letting grown men dressed in women’s clothes read to children is not honoring – especially attempting to do so in the name of God!

In Texas, not once, but twice, “drag queen” story hours at children’s libraries featured convicted child sexual predators reading stories to children.

The LGBT community is obsessed with seeking to persuade children that being “transgender” and having men dress up as women is “normal.”

In addition, they are so determined to move forward with their “drag queen” story hour, they are willing to jeopardize the safety of our children in order to have their event.

Innocent children have not yet developed the discernment to sort out what is healthy behavior, and what is perverse.

The fact that grown adults continue to prey on children should outrage every single mom.

Even more sickening, this time around they are doing it in the name of Jesus – when Christians know Jesus would not support this event.

What are your thoughts on a “church” hosting a “drag queen” story hour at a local library?

Why do you think adults are obsessed with targeting children and attempting to corrupt them at such a young age?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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