Libraries Bring Back Drag Queens And Even More LGBT Propaganda

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Drag queens are back reading stories to little kids again at public libraries – but it’s worse than anyone could have imagined. 

At a librarian annual convention, librarians were taught how to push social justice propaganda onto kids – while continuing to promote the LGBT agenda. 

And once you hear about the host of the pro-LGBT material make its way to our children, you’re bound to be horrified. 

There are so many good things that could have been discussed at the convention – like how to cultivate a love for reading – or host family-friendly events. 

But instead, librarians were entertained by drag queens while learning more social justice taglines. 

The Christian Post reported:

“Johnson, who rose to fame after appearing on the television series “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” was the “After Hours Keynote” speaker last Monday, while Hoselton led “Drag Queen Storytime” to promote “literacy and community collaboration through dynamic storytelling and music.”

Other featured speakers at the conference included author Ibram X. Kendi, best known for his book How To Be Anti-Racist. The event offered workshops on “Building Community Relationships for LGBTQIA+ Patrons” and “diversifying” library collections with themes of “identity, culture, diversity, bias, and social justice.”

Essentially – as if drag queens reading stories to children wasn’t radical enough – librarians want to take things even further to brainwash our children. 

The past few years, drag queens have dominated libraries all across the country using every chance they could to “kick it up a notch” – even dancing for children.

Many parents thought it could never happen at “their library” – only to be shocked when it did.

Even more concerning – librarians don’t want you to know what they are teaching children.

As Mommy Underground previously reported, they actually hosted a national convention with a topic specifically designed on how to promote drag queens to children while hiding it from their parents.

The truth is, not once – but twice – it was discovered actual sexual predators were the ones dressed in drag reading to kids!


But besides drag queens this summer, parents will have to help their children sift through the books available to them at the library– as many of the books have LGBT material targeted at teens and kids – hoping to lure them onto the LGBT bandwagon at a young age.

If librarians are gathering together to learn how to promote leftist social justice nonsense onto kids – coupled with new ways to promote the LGBT agenda – we’re all in trouble.

Make sure you know what’s going on at your local library before you send your child to participate in the summer reading program.

A once innocent place full of books to help a child’s mind grow and develop a true love of learning has been hijacked. 

And as outrageous as this is – don’t think it can’t happen at your local library.

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