Children’s Hospital Hires A “Transgender” Activist To Serve As Their Chaplain

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LGBT activists are determined to weasel their way into every area of society.

They’ve hijacked libraries, schools, churches, the media, and now apparently even children’s hospitals.

And once you hear about the new “chaplain” hired at a children’s hospital to minister to sick children – you’re bound to be horrified.

To start – it’s important to realize LGBT activists have an agenda, always.

And they won’t be satisfied until children everywhere adopt and buy into their warped agenda.

Schools and libraries even host seminars on how to get children on the “transgender” bandwagon.

Even churches are putting “drag queen” pastors on stage to preach and hosting “gender transition” ceremonies for children.

It’s horrific!

And now, LGBT activists have even made their way into children’s hospitals.

Even more obnoxious– they are bragging about being “ordained” while still embracing the LGBT lifestyle.

As if mocking God and the Christian faith is something “cool.”

Faithwire reported:

“The new chaplain, Kate Newendorp, is known for her leftist ideologies, once publishing to her Facebook page a poem titled, “Jesus at the Gay Bar.”

And in June of last year, Newendorp wrote, “What better way to celebrate Pride than being ordained?! Many thanks to my church and classes for being willing to stand for queer folks being included in ministry and for allowing me to follow God’s call.”

Of course, Newendorp is clearly all about the shock and awe.

But instead of simply writing about it on Facebook – she’s going to have direct access to children in their most vulnerable moments.

Children who are sick and hospitalized need true compassion – not radical activism.

In addition to her professional life, Newendorp’s personal life is a mess.

She’s engaged to a female who “identifies” as “he” and “they” and is currently undergoing a “gender transition.”

But still, Newendorp insists she’s “called by God” to serve as chaplain in a children’s hospital – despite her radical LGBT and pro-abort views which she freely blasts on social media.

Faithwire continued:

“Also your casual reminder that my validity as an ordained minister is currently under review by my denomination because of the love I feel for my fiancé,” she reportedly wrote in October. “Do better Church, because I’m not going anywhere. I was called.”

Clearly, she is deceived.

God did not “call her” to change genders, promote abortion, embrace the LGBT lifestyle, and be engaged to a female who is “transitioning.”

And if a person is employed as a chaplain to minister to those who are hurting – especially children – they better be called!

Our children deserve level-headed adults who are grounded in real truth…

… not an activist who is exploiting her position to promote an agenda.

But this latest hospital hire shows that our culture has taken a dangerous downward spiral where anything goes.

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