Wicked Female “Pastor” Baptizes 4-Year Old In “Transgenderism”

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Watching LGBT activists indoctrinate children is infuriating – and it’s even worse when parents are the ones leading the charge.

The latest casualty is an innocent 4-year old boy  who was forced to do the unthinkable – with a female “pastor” endorsing his actions.

And once you hear what this little boy was forced to do publicly in front of a group of cheering adults – you’re bound to be horrified.

During a bizarre church ceremony, a lady who claims to be a pastor stood before a congregation of grown adults spouting out LGBT talking points and promising to affirm anyone who stepped forward.

Suddenly, a mom rushed her 4-year old little boy to the altar – and told the congregation he had something to say.

But the shy little boy didn’t want to talk to the crowd – and he certainly didn’t want to say what his mother told him too.

In fact, he didn’t even remember the words he was supposed to proclaim to the room!

Acting as if she was helping her little boy overcome his timidness, the mom took the microphone and spoke for him.

In a room full of adults, this mom proclaimed her 4-year old son no longer identified as a boy, and was now a girl and would like to be addressed by female pronouns.

Absolutely horrifying.

But did the authorities come in and take her away?


Did someone stand up and demand the boy be removed from such a dangerous home and placed into a safe environment.


Instead, the “church” actually had a ceremony, giving the little boy a pink flower to celebrate his “transition” to being a girl – while reading bizarre statements about affirming his choice!

To put a child through this is unconscionable – and criminal.

The story of the 4-year old boy is part of a new HBO documentary called “Transhood” which celebrates the story of children in America becoming “transgender.”

Yet again, HBO uses its platform to glorify the unthinkable.

As if a 4-year old boy being forced to stand before a “church” in front of cheering adults while his mother grabs the microphone and tells the congregation he’s a girl is a common occurrence.

No, there’s nothing normal about this.

And the scary thing is – bizarre stories like this used to take place “overseas” in a different place and seemed far away– but now they are happening right here in America.

Parents have a duty and obligation to protect their children.

Tragically, as more and more adults embrace the LGBT lifestyle, they have no problem passing their warped beliefs down to their children as if they are doing something great.

Shame on every single adult in the room who let the “ceremony” take place – and for HBO who seeks to capitalize on the blatant child abuse of a young 4-year old child.

But with even Joe Biden coming out in support of “transgender” children – we’re likely to see more and more kids damaged under dangerous leftist policies.

Want to see the video for yourself? Check it out below. Warning – it is incredibly disturbing.

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