LGBT Activists Admit They Are Targeting Kids Through Children’s Literature

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As LGBT activists continue to make winning the hearts and minds of children their main goal – it’s clear they are doubling down on their tactics – and this time they aren’t even hiding it.

Gender “transition” ceremonies in schools and children’s books laced with perverse LGBT propaganda used to only be found in the most liberal of cities – but now they are everywhere.

And once you hear the reason why pro-LGBT folks are using books to target kids – you’re bound to be outraged.

You see, years back LGBT activists tried to hide their true agenda.

They would “sneak” LGBT propaganda into kids shows, or have a questionable line here and there in a book.

It started off with slowly easing their way into children’s lives… making it seem as if a book discussing a child with two mommies was something normal.

But now, emboldened by the President of the Untied States who is a longtime supporter of “transgender” children – LGBT activists have gone public like never before.

They boldly force their agenda into every area of a child’s life – from toys – to kids shows – and now even books.

School librarians are forced to carry the books – which teachers are all too eager to read to their students.

And young children – who hang on to every word their teachers say simply don’t have the discernment to know better just yet.

Of course, lacing children’s books with pro-LGBT propaganda is deliberate.

Anukriti Prasad wrote an article called “How children’s literature can help in the move to normalise queerness.”

His goal is to help children get out of the “rut” their parents have put them in by “opposing” the LGBT lifestyle.

He stressed the importance of trying to “normalize” non-heterosexual ways of living, to get kids used to living this way at an early age – and to “break the stigmas” their parents may have passed on to them.

LifeSite News reported:

“[Q]ueerness in children’s literature can also play a role in forging the kind of individuals the children will grow into. As and when they read about it, note its normalcy and learn about the systemic injustices it faces, their own beliefs take shape.

The attitudes they develop at this stage will then determine which side of the fence they pick. Thus, by breaking stigmas early and helping the youth progress further than previous generations, major changes can be brought about to the system, ending the aforementioned rut.”

The scary thing is – he’s exactly right in acknowledging how vulnerable and impressionable children are.

The minds of kids are like sponges – they absorb and internalize everything.

LGBT activists hope if they make this lifestyle seem normal – they can convert kids at an early age.

Moms, we are our children’s last line of defense to protect them from those who wish to harm them.

All across America, moms are speaking out against the LGBT agenda and over-sexualized material found in children’s books.

We can no longer assume anything is safe for our little ones – and we must do everything we can to protect their minds against the filth being forced upon them.

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