Popular Mom Site Promotes Disturbing Books To Brainwash Your Child Into Believing LGBT Lies

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Going to the library is one of the oldest and most treasured outings for children.

Between story time, all the new adventures to read about, and the relationships that form over similar interests, there was no place parents thought was safer for their kids – until now.

If it’s not drag queen story hour or paraphernalia celebrating “Pride Month” we have to worry about in our local libraries, then it’s the countless LGBT+ books maliciously placed among the children’s classics that we have to guard our little innocent minds from.

June unfortunately became a month to celebrate individuals who choose to operate against their biology.

“Pride Month” as it is called only pertains to being proud if you are of the small minority belonging to the LGBT+ community – God forbid you show pride to be a heterosexual parent of a nuclear family!

Many major retailers participate in this liberal bonanza such as Target, Gap, and even PetSmart (can’t they just leave the puppies out of this?!).

In addition to making running out for diapers a covert black ops mission to shield your children from being bombarded with negative influences, the library is now a place you have to carefully screen before you can let your child roam the shelves freely.

Mandy Velez, writing for Scary Mommy, recently penned an article citing all the wonderful “queer books” she recommends using as an “educational tool” for young children.

So, why is it pertinent that children should be forced to confront adult sexual issues prior to an age of reasoning?

According to Velez it’s for parents to “talk to their kids about having same-sex parents, or a classmate who is gender fluid, or explore a story about coming out as transgender.”

Some of the books she is hoping you expose your children to are confusing tales that promote children to deny their bodies and chase after emotional rushes.

One such book is Bob the Ladybug by Tommy Starling. In this gender-bending story, the “lady” bug wants to be called “Bob.”

According to Amazon, the book is aimed at teaching “diversity” and “acceptance,” when in fact it is teaching that you are supposed to deny Biblical principles in favor of what society deems right at the moment.

The worst part is, they recommend reading this book to children only 3-7 years old!

Another one Velez doesn’t want you to pass by is A Girl Named Adam by Jordan Scavone.

This harrowing tale follows a boy named Adam who likes to wear dresses. So, he decides in his own fourth-grade mind that he should make the impossible “transition” into a girl – with no parent around to discuss his confusion and feelings, of course.

Sadly, this book gained national attention when it was nominated for the 2020 Stonewall Award for Best Picture Book – and trust me, these are not pictures children should be looking at.

But speaking of pictures that are inappropriate for children, the new drag queen book by Lil Miss Hot Mess takes the cake.

The Hips on the drag queen go swish, swish, swish follows the rhythm of the “Wheels on the Bus” as it goes through a drag queen’s adult performance in front of “an awestruck audience,Scary Mommy reports.

The lifestyle choices and sexually suggestive performances by drag queens are not something we should be impressing on young children- or children of any age for that matter!

Not to mention there has been more than one occasion where sexual predators were invited by the library to sit with the children, as Mommy Underground has previously reported.

Liberal bullies have made institutions and citizens in general afraid to speak out against the LGBT+ community, even if it means sitting your child in the lap of a over-dressed sexual predator with too much makeup.

Parent must be the protectors of their children’s hearts and minds because the educational and public institutions do not have their best interest at heart, only an agenda.

Don’t let your child be collateral damage in the war on this nation’s morality.

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