Shocking New Book Trains Teachers How To Create “LGBT” Nurseries

LGBT activists have created a massive war chest of supplies designed to brainwash children into embracing the LGBT agenda.

And while school curriculums have already been tainted, LGBT activists decided they wanted to take it even further and bring their warped agenda into children’s nurseries.

But even more appalling, they have succeeded in bringing teachers on board to release shocking new training materials designed to target children as young as 2, and you won’t believe what they are actually prepared to “teach” our children. 

To start, LGBT activists have long claimed they weren’t trying to change the school structure but simply wanted schools to accept “LGBT” students.

They whined and cried that students were bullied, and all they wanted was an “inclusive” environment.

However, this latest plan reveals nothing could be further from the truth.

As it turns out, LGBT activists have released a book training teachers how to make their school “LGBT friendly” – and it starts to target children as young as 2 and 3 years old.

Educate and Celebrate boasts resources aimed at helping teachers transform their school into a LGBT atmosphere.

They have songs, books, skits, and training materials all designed to help students become “transgender” themselves.

A sample of books on their website will horrify you:

Introducing children to a “rainbow week powerpoint”, or reading them stories about “changing genders” is truly child abuse!

Let’s not forget the 5-year-old boy who was forced to endure a transition ceremony in his kindergarten class, and is still traumatized months later.

Educate and Celebrate even has songs for kids such as “Rainbow Parade Song” and “Are You a Boy Or are You a Girl?”

So much for children classics like Wheels on The Bus, or Old Macdonald.

It is truly unimaginable to envision little 2-year-old children sitting in nurseries singing about “Josh and Jaz and their three moms.”

Children are young and impressionable, and these types of songs are bound to confuse them, at best, or scar them for life, at worst.

Brainwashing children into singing pro-LGBT songs is horrific enough.

But Educate and Celebrate takes it even further, and actually outlines their plan to bring their curriculum to nurseries.

Their website states their purpose:

“Elly has spent the last 13 years dedicated to changing the face of the education system by making nurseries, primaries, secondaries, colleges, universities LGBT+Friendly by developing accessible resources, providing training and a robust programme which guarantees positive change and facilitates young people, families and teachers alike to be themselves without any fear of discrimination…

Throughout the development, Elly formed a close partnership with Goldsmiths University of London and together with Dr. Anna Carlile wrote a book of all the research from the Educate & Celebrate Programme released in March 2018 called How to Transform Your School into an LGBT+Friendly Place: A Practical Guide for nursery, primary and secondary teachers”.

It’s clear Elly is determined to push her LGBT agenda onto children.

And now more than ever, conservatives must stand up to the LGBT agenda.

Long gone are the days where parents can sit back and let this type of thing go on.

For the purity and protection of our children, we must expose their agenda.

What are your thoughts on the latest plan to introduce LGBT material into nurseries?

How would you respond if your child came home singing LGBT songs?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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