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LGBT Activists Admit They Are Targeting Kids Through Children’s Literature

  As LGBT activists continue to make winning the hearts and minds of children their main goal – it’s clear they are doubling down on their tactics – and this time they aren’t even hiding it. Gender “transition” ceremonies in schools and children’s books laced with perverse LGBT propaganda used […]

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Leftist Teachers Busted Using Covert Tactics To Recruit Kids To Join Pro-LGBT Clubs

  Leftist teachers in California are determined to get kids plugged into LGBT clubs – and they’re pulling out all the stops. From surveilling their Google searches to deliberately hiding club membership rosters from parents – their tactics have hit an all-time low. And once you hear how far the […]

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Biden Vows To Punish States If They Don’t Bow Down To The LGBT Agenda

  Biden’s team has a warning to all states – get on board the “transgender” agenda or pay the price. In fact, a recent White House pro-LGBT online event was so insane, you won’t believe the threat they leveled at states. Even worse – they encouraged kids to get involved […]