Florida Teachers Betray Parents And Scheme To Hide And Conceal Students “True Gender” 

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Broward County Public Schools in Florida could care less about the biological gender of their students.

All they care about is making sure their students “true gender” is celebrated and represented – and they’ve even been instructed how to hide students “new gender” from their own parents.

And once you hear about the latest blatant assault on parental rights – you’re bound to be outraged.

Educators have some nerve thinking for even a moment they have the authority to keep anything from a child’s parent.

But in this warped new world, teachers have been emboldened by Biden to continue to push their radical pro-LGBT agenda onto students.

And as a result – they are able to do so without parents stopping them – because parents don’t actually know what’s happening and are kept in the dark. 

The secrecy continues yet again in Florida, where teachers were actually given clear instructions to hide their student’s “true gender” from their parents.

On the school district’s website is a document titled “Transgender and Nonbinary Student Guidelines and Procedures” which instructs teachers how to handle a “transgender” student.

This BIZARRE document actually says children as young as two years old begin expressing their “true gender.”

Red State reported:

“Children typically begin expressing their gender identity between the ages of two and four years old. Around this age, transgender children often express their cross-gender identification to their family members or caregivers.”

Honestly, whoever wrote this policy should be arrested and prosecuted.

To seriously write that a two-year-old toddler can “express their cross-gender identification” is child abuse in the rawest sense.

And this isn’t just some liberal with an opinion – this is actual material in a guide instructing teachers how to respond to “transgender” students. 

Sadly, the document gets even worse.

Not only are teachers being taught that toddlers can somehow decide their gender identity… 

… but teachers are instructed to keep parents in the dark.

Red State continued:

“School personnel should privately ask a transgender student how they want to be addressed in communications to the home or at conferences with the student’s parent(s)/ guardian.

In addition, prior to notification of any parent(s)/guardian regarding the transition process, school staff should work closely with the student to assess the degree to which, if any, the parent(s)/guardian will be involved in the process and must consider the health, well-being and safety of the transitioning student.”

“If any”? 

Are teachers really that arrogant to think their job as a teacher supersedes the role of a parent

Apparently so. 

They are so consumed with pushing their leftist agenda, they will stop at nothing until every student bows down to worship their god. 

One thing is clear – teachers have taken things too far.

Parents need to continue to stand up to these radical school districts and let teachers know they aren’t in charge – the mental health of our children depends on it.

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