Biden Vows To Punish States If They Don’t Bow Down To The LGBT Agenda

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Biden’s team has a warning to all states – get on board the “transgender” agenda or pay the price.

In fact, a recent White House pro-LGBT online event was so insane, you won’t believe the threat they leveled at states.

Even worse – they encouraged kids to get involved in the fight and do the unthinkable.

The event shows the Department of Justice Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights, Kristen Clarke, giving an impassioned pro-LGBT speech.

She carried on about how states need to accept males into female sports, and if they don’t they are “singling out” or “targeting” “transgender” youth.

Of course, she claims states who ban “gender affirming” procedures are somehow discriminatory.

But then her speech gets even weirder when she starts talking to children.

She actually goes on to tell kids if they are “transgender” and discriminated against – they can report it.

LifeSite News reported:

“Addressing her comments specifically to youth, Clarke said, “If you or someone you know is facing discrimination because you are transgender, we want to know.” 

Her statement leaves plenty of room for interpretation, seeming to invite kids to incriminate their parents for not being “gender-affirming” enough.

“You can file a complaint now,” she added.  

But just what is she trying to do?

Get kids to file a complaint against their parents for being “discriminated against”?

Or try and bring government action against schools for not accommodating LGBT policies?

Where are the protections for students who simply want to use the restroom or locker room without being forced to share it with a member of the opposite sex?

Or the girl who doesn’t want to change in front of a male who “claims to be female” that day?

Biden is so obsessed with promoting his pro-LGBT agenda, he doesn’t care who he hurts in the process – even if it’s other children.

Thankfully, there are states who are standing up to the LGBT madness and actually advocating for children.

Like Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis who stood by girls, and refused to let males compete in women’s sports.

Even withstanding pressure from outside forces to cave.

Biden may try and force states to comply with his radical agenda, but thankfully enough conservative governors are pushing back…

… at least for now.

Who knows what kind of “punishment” his administration will level their way.

And now that students are yet again being told to trust the government even over their own parents, it’s bound to create even more problems.

Our children are in danger, and they need sound adults with clear minds to stand up for them…

… not a radical leftist encouraging them to “report” any sign of  “discrimination.”

Let’s hope our Governors remain strong in the fight and refuse to cave into the LGBT agenda.

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