States Fight Back Against Biden’s Latest Transgender Mandate

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President Biden has attacked students everywhere by allowing “transgender” individuals to use whatever locker room or bathroom they wish.

He’s even gone after girls’ sports – claiming a biological male can join and compete in whatever sport they want – even if it’s an all-girls team.

But while LGBT activists think they’ve won – states are fighting back against the Biden mandate – and here’s how they’re shutting him down.

In Mississippi, legislators were appalled that the President of the United States actually had the audacity to attack girls’ sports.

Refusing to accept Biden’s mandate in their state, they swiftly moved to introduce legislation that would prohibit boys from being able to join the girls’ sports.

And as a victory for sanity everywhere – Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves swiftly signed the bill into law.

To showcase just how much he refuses to bow down to the Biden agenda, he then tweeted:

“I never imagined dealing with this, but POTUS left us no choice. One of his first acts was to sign an EO encouraging transgenderism in children. So today, I proudly signed the Mississippi Fairness Act to ensure young girls are not forced to compete against biological males.”

What a sad day in America, that a Governor actually has to sign legislation barring “transgenderism” in sports.

But again, Biden campaigned on the promise of advocating for “transgender” children, so his actions shouldn’t come as a surprise.

That doesn’t make them any less vile.

Students should feel safe to go to school without worrying that a member of the opposite sex is going to barge into their restroom or locker room based on what they “identify with” that day.

And girls should feel empowered to compete in sports, knowing they have a fair shot without the odds stacked against them by allowing biological males to overpower them by sheer physical design alone.

Of course, LGBT activists had a public meltdown when they learned about the Mississippi Bill banning males from competing in female sports.

They’ve even labeled Mississippi a “symbol of hate.”

Law And Crime reported:

“This is the first piece of anti-LGBTQ legislation to be signed into law across the country in 2021,” the Human Rights Campaign said via Twitter. “Trans kids deserve better . . . He’s turned his back on his constituents and made Mississippi a symbol of hate.”

What those who struggle with their gender identity need is counseling and adults who are willing to help them overcome their struggle – not those who will placate and allow them to stay in their confusion about what gender they are.

Cheers to Mississippi for taking swift action and standing up to the LGBT agenda.

This leadership victory is for all girls across the country.

Let’s hope more states follow the same path, and work to introduce bills that will protect children from those who wish to harm them.

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