Judge Ruthlessly Kicks Woman Out Of Court For Breastfeeding Her Baby

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Courtroom judges have an unprecedented amount of power and have the authority to kick out anyone they want – for any reason.

While usually judges remove a mouthy courtroom observer or a violent person – one judge decided to kick out a mom and baby and you won’t believe the reason why.

And once you hear what the judge said to the mom as he forced her to leave, you are bound to be outraged.

The woman who was shamed by the judge was quietly observing a trial and breastfeeding her baby.

Apparently, the judge thought feeding a baby was a “distraction” – and when confronted about kicking the woman and her baby out – he said his comments were “self-explanatory.”

The Guardian reported:

“The woman was feeding her baby while observing a trial in Melbourne’s county court on Thursday when the judge addressed her directly, saying she was not permitted to breastfeed in court because it was a distraction.

The county court has declined to comment but the judge on Friday addressed the jury about the incident, saying his comments should be “self-explanatory.”

“What I [told the mother] was this – ‘Madam, you will not be permitted to breastfeed a baby in court. I’m sorry. I will have to ask you to leave. It will be a distraction for the jury at the very least’,” the judge said on Friday.”


Women who breastfeed continue to be shamed all over the world – simply for feeding their own babies.

Since when is it “distasteful” or a “distraction” to feed a baby!?

Breastfeeding is a beautiful and natural action that not only provides nutrients to a baby- but bonds a mother to her child.

There is nothing more precious and wholesome than a mother breastfeeding her baby – yet places like the Melbourne Court attempt to portray it as a vulgar act.

Sadly, many moms have reported similar incidents of being discriminated against while simply trying to feed their babies.

While sitting at church breastfeeding her baby, a breastfeeding mama was shocked to receive an email from a female church staff member telling her that her actions were “immodest!”

The staffer told her to go into an empty classroom or restroom in the future.

And then there is the story of the flight attendant who went so far as to say a mother breastfeeding her baby was “disgusting” and tried to cover up the baby’s face!

As if things couldn’t possibly get any worse – one judge even demanded a mom stop breastfeeding her baby in a heated custody dispute so the dad could have more time with the infant!

Absolutely ruthless.

The shaming of breastfeeding moms needs to stop.

Breastfeeding is beautiful – and natural – and the only thing “disgusting” or “distracting” about it are the critics who attempt to interfere with a mother feeding her own baby.

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