Flight Attendant Tries To Physically Cover Baby’s Face And Calls Mom “Disgusting” For Breastfeeding

Photo by C.K. Koay on Flickr.com


A mom was on an American Airlines flight breastfeeding her baby when the unthinkable happened.

Apparently, a flight attendant was upset the mom was breastfeeding her baby – and you won’t believe what she did next.

Not only did she physically try and cover the baby’s face – but she muttered out the most humiliating phrase.

There is nothing more beautiful or natural than a mother feeding her baby.

A woman’s body was made for this!

So, a mom feeding her hungry baby on a plane shouldn’t cause a stir – but it did.

As the mom sat peacefully in her seat nursing her baby, a flight attendant approached her and began to make a scene.

She actually threw a paper towel over the baby’s face as an attempt to “hide the baby’s face” – and when the mom resisted, the fed-up flight attendant walked away, muttering the word “disgusting.”

Can you imagine if this happened to you!?

This flight attendant should lose her job!


She has no right to physically try and cover a baby’s face, or mutter such insulting words at this mom.

Naturally, the breastfeeding mom was upset at what happened.

She wrote a post describing her experience.

Paddle Your Own Kanoo reported:

“I felt embarrassed and disrespected. Especially with an American Airlines employee throwing an object on my child’s face,” Akeia said in the Facebook post. “

Flying with an infant is stressful enough without having to worry about a flight attendant going against not only the company’s open breastfeeding policy, but Texas breastfeeding laws too.”

This is truly unconscionable.

No mother should have to endure what this woman went through.

It is stressful enough to fly with an infant and have to worry about keeping them calm.

And while a traveling mother has many things to worry about – feeding her baby without trouble shouldn’t be one of them.

Sadly, situations like this continue to happen all around the world.

While some celebrities have attempted to normalize breastfeeding in hopes to stop the stigma, many businesses are still bothered by it.

Who could forget the story of a restaurant manager who tried to cover the baby’s face while being breastfed?

Or the art galleries and museums who asked breastfeeding moms to “cover up”?

One woman was even reprimanded for feeding her baby at a CHURCH, of all places!

And while there are laws protecting breastfeeding moms, some employers still look down on the practice and suggest a woman go “pump in the bathroom.”

We’re sorry this mom had to experience such a stressful time for simply trying to feed her baby while flying.

Let’s hope American Airlines does the right thing and fires this flight attendant for her repulsive behavior.

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