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Mom Ordered By Judge To Stop Breastfeeding To Accommodate Dad’s Visitation 

  Breastfeeding is the most primitive mother-child bonding experience and an invaluable nutritional supply. To be told you cannot experience this lifesaving force any longer is devastating. And to be legally ordered to stop breastfeeding borders on child endangerment, yet one judge did so anyway. In Virginia, a mother is […]

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Abbott Issues Massive Similac Formula Recall After Multiple Infants Injured

  While many moms breastfeed their little ones, some moms choose formula – each for a variety of different reasons. But it was to every mother’s horror when five babies were hospitalized – and two even died – after drinking formula contaminated with bacteria that ended up tracing all the […]

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This Treatable Condition May Be The Cause Of All Your Breastfeeding Problems

  Breastfeeding is one of the most difficult aspects of mothering during your child’s infancy stage. Whether it is constantly worrying if your baby is getting enough nourishment or the pain and engorgement that accompanies the beginning days of the journey, there is always something to consider when feeding your […]

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“Organic” Formula Company Undermines Breastfeeding Moms In The Worst Way 

      Breastfeeding is a beautiful and natural way to feed one’s baby – but society still hasn’t gotten on board with supporting breastfeeding mamas. From shaming moms, to criticizing the way they feed their babies – breastfeeding mamas have it tough. And when a recent “organic” formula ad was published […]

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Flight Attendant Tries To Physically Cover Baby’s Face And Calls Mom “Disgusting” For Breastfeeding

  A mom was on an American Airlines flight breastfeeding her baby when the unthinkable happened. Apparently, a flight attendant was upset the mom was breastfeeding her baby – and you won’t believe what she did next. Not only did she physically try and cover the baby’s face – but […]

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Midwives Asked To Call It “Chestfeeding” To Make It More Inclusive

  Seems like everyone is drawn to a new baby- probably because those little fingers and fresh baby smell are irresistible. As flattering as it is to have loved ones (or complete strangers) fall for your sweet bundle of joy, sometimes you just want that one-on-one time you get from […]

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Breastfeeding is Beautiful But We Would Be Lying If We Said There Were Never Challenges

  There is no better nourishment for a newborn baby than the milk from their mother. If you are able to experience the breastfeeding journey, there are a couple things that are helpful to know. One is that you are an amazing, beautiful woman who will learn to do just […]

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Multi-Tasking Mom Shamed For Posting A Photo Of Her With A Breast Pump

  There’s nothing more beautiful than a mother breastfeeding her baby. Sadly, moms who breastfeed (especially in public) are often shamed and looked down upon, as if breastfeeding is something disgusting or unnatural. And when one woman decided to post a photo of her with a breast pump to encourage […]

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Groundbreaking Research Finds Another Lifetime Benefit for Nursing Moms

  We all know that breastfeeding has proven health benefits for both mom and baby, and many of them last for life. Depending on the length of time spent nursing and the number of children breastfed, women are given many protections against cancer, heart disease, and osteoporosis. And now, researchers […]

Breastfeeding Shaming Is Nothing New, But You Won’t Believe Who Condemned A Nursing Mom This Time

Breastfeeding Shaming Is Nothing New, But You Won’t Believe Who Condemned A Nursing Mom This Time

Even in this day and age, mothers are often made to feel uncomfortable when breastfeeding their infants in public. But in all 50 states, breastfeeding in public is legal – and it is an illegal discriminatory act to approach a woman and condemn her for doing so. Sadly, this hasn’t […]