Midwives Asked To Call It “Chestfeeding” To Make It More Inclusive

Photo by Wes Hicks on Unsplash


Seems like everyone is drawn to a new baby- probably because those little fingers and fresh baby smell are irresistible.

As flattering as it is to have loved ones (or complete strangers) fall for your sweet bundle of joy, sometimes you just want that one-on-one time you get from breastfeeding.

This sacred act of bonding between a mother and their child is now being hijacked by the trans community- and it’s not okay!

The art of breastfeeding has been called a few different things over the centuries- lactation, nursing, and feeding just to name a couple.

However, midwives in Great Britain are calling it something entirely different after being instructed by hospital administration that the term “breastfeeding” wasn’t “gender-inclusive”, reports The Daily Wire.

It isn’t “gender-inclusive” because it is specifically only relevant to one gender!

Only females have the necessary equipment to properly feed an infant.

Some liberals without a basic knowledge of human physiology would argue that both men and women have nipples and mammary glands so why can’t men lactate.

The simple answer is men don’t have the correct hormones, breast tissue, or functional mammary glands to produce the necessary milk that an infant would need to survive.

So why would a hospital full of trained medical professionals advise midwives to call the act of breastfeeding, “chestfeeding”?

You read that correctly.

Multiple hospitals in the United Kingdom want nursing to be referred to as “chestfeeding.”

Out of all the ridiculous things the left attempts to change, they are now attacking breastfeeding, which requires breasts, to be changed so it doesn’t offend all the individuals who were born without breasts, but wish they would have been.

As if this could not get any worse, the hospitals are also recommending that “breastmilk” be changed to “chestmilk” or “milk from the feeding parent.”

One of the many problems with the transgender community is that they want to have their cake and eat it too.

A transgender male who wants to start a family will forgo everything she claims to believe so she can use the body God gave her to bring a child into the world and nourish it; all while being called a man who would be incapable of such miracles.

Or, even worse, she will go through extraordinary measures to not utilize the gift she was given so that she can continue living under the façade of being a man.

Just as in the case of “Mitch” ,a transgender male, and her “wife”, reports Mommy Underground.

The couple is incapable of conceiving a child as God had intended so they ask their alleged homosexual male friend to father the child, for which he replied yes.

After the successful first pregnancy, the couple decided to go for another baby, but “Mitch” was concerned about another man fathering both their children.

So, what did they do?

They had the homosexual’s “husband” from the first pregnancy father their second child!

It is astounding how far the LGBT+ community will go to reap all the benefits of a committed heterosexual relationship while openly smearing everything about them out of the other side of their mouth.

Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust has now prided themselves on being the first hospitals to “rebrand” literally the oldest act in history to “introduce an official gender-inclusive language policy for its maternity services department.”

The terms parents have patiently waited for, and anticipate at the birth of the child, such as “mother” and “father” are now being substituted for “person” or “biological parent.”

How depressing!

We can only hope and pray that this degrading trend doesn’t cross the pond into our hospitals, but with the way liberals violently push their agenda forward it may be only a matter of time.