Multi-Tasking Mom Shamed For Posting A Photo Of Her With A Breast Pump

Photo by Hollie Santos on Unsplash


There’s nothing more beautiful than a mother breastfeeding her baby.

Sadly, moms who breastfeed (especially in public) are often shamed and looked down upon, as if breastfeeding is something disgusting or unnatural.

And when one woman decided to post a photo of her with a breast pump to encourage other mamas trying to do it all – she was crucified and shamed with cruel comments.

Instead of other women rallying around her for working and caring for her baby, this mom was chastised, as if she should be embarrassed for using a breast pump!

Complete strangers commented on her photo with things like “Some things should remain private” and “Nobody needs to see this.”

As if those weren’t bad enough, other comments were more insulting like the one who said:

“IDK about y’all but breast feeding always creeped me out I get that your feeding your own child just don’t do it in public or on Instagram thanks”.

Excuse me?

What are moms supposed to do?

Go in a dirty bathroom stall to feed their babies?

Hide in a dark room?

Not leave their homes?

A mother has every right to feed her baby, wherever she is!

Sadly, this isn’t the first time a mom was shamed for breastfeeding her baby.

One restaurant owner approached a nursing mom and actually physically tried to place a napkin over the 7-week year old baby to “shield” the breastfeeding!

Another mom was humiliated when the airline forced her to check her breast pump and milk, even though she was legally allowed to carry it on the plane.

And who could forget the mom who was feeding her baby (and even using a cardigan) and was asked by the manager at the art museum to “cover up”.

New moms are already under a lot of stress, and the last thing they need is complete strangers yelling at them or trying to physically cover their babies’ faces – while they’re eating!

The stigma on shaming breastfeeding moms has got to stop.

Breastfeeding is a beautiful and natural part of motherhood, and moms should not have to worry about being able to feed their babies in public.

Thankfully, although we’re far from where we need to be, we’ve made some progress.

Even dads are starting to speak up and publicly post how they are supporting their wives who are breastfeeding.

And if a mom wants to post a photo of her feeding her baby – let her do it!

The negative comments and the constant need to criticize other women has got to stop.

Research has already proved what every mom knew instinctively all along – breastfeeding is a good thing and it’s healthy for both the baby and the mom.

So to all the breastfeeding moms out there – keep at it!

You have nothing to be ashamed of,  so please don’t listen to those who try and bring you down.

Know you have an army of supporters behind you.

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