“Organic” Formula Company Undermines Breastfeeding Moms In The Worst Way 

Photo by Stephanie Vaudry on Flickr.com


Breastfeeding is a beautiful and natural way to feed one’s baby – but society still hasn’t gotten on board with supporting breastfeeding mamas.

From shaming moms, to criticizing the way they feed their babies – breastfeeding mamas have it tough.

And when a recent “organic” formula ad was published – you won’t believe the anti-breastfeeding message it sent.

To start, some women breastfeed with ease while other moms struggle and find it challenging.

Thankfully, there are resources available to help – like lactation consultants and even other moms who can help new moms get the hang of it.

There’s nothing more beautiful than women banding together to walk alongside moms.

After all – it’s undebatable at this point that breastfeeding is best for a baby, as moms create milk designed specifically for their own baby.

Formula companies try and copy breastmilk as close as they can, but it’s just not the same.

Moms feel bonded to their babies as they breastfeed, and since they control what they put into their own bodies – they know exactly what is in the milk their baby is getting.

But formula companies are always trying to find ways to push their products.

And a recent ad by an “organic” formula company is no different.

It shows 4 different picture scenarios with people claiming they’ve decided not to breastfeed for a variety of reasons including low supply or simply a decision not to.

The ad ends with claiming more than 75 percent of moms turn to formula within the first 6 months anyway – and encourages people to start talking about it.

Instead of encouraging breastfeeding moms to keep going, or respecting their desire to feed their baby in the most natural way possible, this ad undermines them.

And sure, eating organic is great – and organic formula is better than regular formula – but formula is still formula.

The formula company’s website “tells their story” – but features a variety of families across the top of their page – including two males feeding a baby.

For men in a same-sex relationship, of course these types of ads are appealing.

Instead of seeing ads just assuming most women will switch to formula anyway, we need to see more ads encouraging breastfeeding women!

If not that, at least an overall acceptance of women choosing to feed their babies in public.

Women shouldn’t feel shame for feeding their babies, but they feel it all the time.

Even though there are laws protecting a mom’s right to feed her baby – some places expect moms to “pump milk” or feed their baby in the bathroom…

… as if that is hygienic!

Other moms have been humiliated at museums or in restaurants as they feed their baby, and told to cover up.

Some establishments have even shoved items in the baby’s face to try and hide and “cover” the mom and her baby.

This has got to stop.

To all the breastfeeding mamas please know you aren’t alone.

And if you are struggling to breastfeed due to latching troubles, please know there are resources available to help you.

You got this!

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