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Tips To Help Your Elderly Parents Stay Loved During The Coronavirus

Tips To Help Your Elderly Parents Stay Loved During The Coronavirus

  One of the saddest effects of the coronavirus pandemic is adult children having to keep distance from their aging parents. Pictures sweep social media of parents in nursing homes talking to their children through glass windows, others aren’t allowed visitors at all. It seems so unnatural to avoid physical […]
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How To Crush It As A Stay At Home Mom

                            Whether you are a new stay at home mom due to the coronavirus, or even if you’ve been doing it for years, it can be challenging to adjust to the “new normal” way of life of being at home. Your kids always seem to need something, and you may […]
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One Feminist’s Utopia Has Become a Reality – And Women Are Suffering For It

  There is no institution more attacked and endangered these days than that of the traditional family. And one of the greatest factors in its demise was the shift in the role of women that came about as the feminist movement claimed to “empower” us and better our lives. But […]
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Dems Block Coronavirus Relief Package To Push Agenda

  Amid a global pandemic the House is in a heated debate over the details of a coronavirus relief rescue package. The bill hopes to lift businesses and individuals out of murky water after Americans were advised to stay home to contain the virus, leaving capital at a standstill. While […]
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Planned Parenthood Hates Life And Ignores Cease Order

Liberals will push their agenda at any cost, under the guise of compassion and individual empowerment. But what is empowering or compassionate about taking a life before he or she ever had a chance to make their impression on this world. Planned Parenthood, a monster of misery, is not slowing […]
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Creative Ways People Are Using Social Distancing To Stay Connected

  With the coronavirus sweeping the world, experts are recommending people practice social distancing and avoid gathering in groups larger than 10. And as a result, everyone is feeling the effect – from school cancelations to postponed weddings. But keeping with the true spirit of human creativity, many people refuse […]
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As Indoctrination Is Forced Upon Our Children, Students In One School Are Fighting Back

  There is no greater threat from the progressive agenda than the one being imposed upon our children in public schools. School boards and administrators are so frightened of standing their ground against a minority of Americans, that they’ve chosen to force our children to adopt anti-Family values as truths. […]
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Landmark Research Sheds Light on Dad’s Role in Baby’s Health

  Expectant mothers have plenty of research and resources available to understand how important it is to stay healthy while pregnant. We know that pregnant women must avoid smoking, alcohol, and risky behaviors, as well as eating healthy and getting good prenatal care. But a recent study is shedding light […]
Easy Guide For Temporarily Homeschooling Your Kids During Coronavirus Pandemic

Easy Guide For Temporarily Homeschooling Your Kids During Coronavirus Pandemic

  Navigating the minutiae of a global pandemic is overwhelming for every American. Whether it is trying to oversee organizations made to deal with catastrophic events or a mom left juggling three school age children home from school while she still has to work, dealing with abrupt shifts in responsibility […]
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CDC Makes Major Announcement About School Closings

  Unexpected school closings can wreak havoc on a family’s daily routine, and multiple unexpected days of closure can mean pure chaos. Many schools around the nation have shut their doors in an effort to halt the spread of the coronavirus. Initially, announcements that plans would have to be altered […]