Those Struggling From Detransitioning Praise Tennessee Ban

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The assault on our youth is one of the biggest battles parents face in the United States.

Liberals want to sexualize our children through perverse public school curriculums and blur the lines between a man and a woman.

But Tennessee wants to put a stop to children acting on the misinformation they’re being fed by the left – ending the irreversible damages of sex transitioning.

The Daily Wire reports:

Tennessee lawmakers are closer than ever to banning the practice of child sex change procedures in the state. The bill, SB 0001, which would bar the use of puberty-blocking drugs, cross-sex hormones, and gender-related surgeries on minors statewide, is quickly moving forward through various committees and is on its way to becoming law, with the help of testimony from detransitioners.”

Detransitioning is where those who transitioned to the opposite of their biological gender transition back to their true gender identity.

The process is not easy mentally or physically and often leaves scars, seen and unseen, that are painful to live with.

Many youths who were brainwashed into believing they were born the wrong gender realize later that the propaganda spouted by the LGBT community was all a lie.

Sadly, by then, it’s too late for many of them to live a “normal” life due to the immense trauma their body has endured through chemical and surgical means.

Tennessee is looking to prevent all that and protect children before they make a decision that brings them turmoil the rest of their lives.

Bill SB 0001 steps in where parents should have and will stop minors from being able to make decisions for their body that are far beyond their developmental understanding.

Prisha Mosley, 24, was one of the individuals who gave their testimonies at the hearing for the bill, she stated:

As a detransitioned adult I recognize the importance that civil action laws like this would provide in holding the people accountable who did this to me as a child and preventing other children from being harmed.”

In the gut-wrenching story of her road from gender transitioning to detransitioning beginning at the age 15 when she was introduced to “gender ideology from the transgender community,” The Daily Wire reports, Mosley shares how her mental health was never considered.

Trauma from a sexual assault had left Mosley depressed and mental health professionals failed to help her.

She states:

My therapist even attested that all of my problems were caused by being ‘born in the wrong body. This wasn’t true, but I was medicalized anyway.”

At 17, Moseley was given high doses of testosterone followed by a double mastectomy the following year, having her “healthy breasts cut off.”

Shockingly, only one speaker was allowed to share their defense of the bill while three were allowed to speak against it.

In a praiseworthy decision, the state’s Senate Judiciary Committee passed the bill with a 7-2 vote.

Gender transitioning for children is a money-making scheme where organizations like Planned Parenthood reap big rewards and the kids suffer.

The left has even gone so far as providing taxpayer-funded aid to those living the LGBT lifestyle.

Major businesses like Disney now provide benefits for employee’s children to undergo the devastating process of gender transitioning.

Tennessee has bravely moved forward with a ban that we pray the rest of the nation will soon also adopt.

Children should not be making adult decisions that affect the rest of their lives.

Parents need to step up and stand by what is right for their families because our youth are being targeted – and they will succumb to the lies they’re told if we aren’t speaking the truth louder.