School Board Pres Has Raunchy Party With Booze For Students

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A prevailing problem within the public school system is the over-sexualizing of children and what they are exposed to.

Why it is so important to liberals for children to be taught about adult relationships and the reproductive process before they reach puberty is beyond logical understanding – it is just pure evil at play.

As if tainting the educational curriculum wasn’t enough, many school officials are welcoming abhorrent behavior into their student’s personal lives.

In California, a school board president held a party at his personal residence that made headlines.

Of course, there is no issue with an adult spending time wining and dining with friends, but Steven Llanusa, Los Angeles County school board president, took it so much further.

He had half-naked adult entertainers at the party – along with students!

According to a report by Elizabeth Johnston, parents were horrified after finding out their children were offered booze, subjected to inappropriate comments, and forced to watch adult entertainers dance.

What parent wouldn’t be?!

Llanusa invited a high school choir to perform at his personal Christmas party but made the underage guests wait an hour to perform during which time they were invited to join in the mature audience only “festivities.”

There was even a “Dirty Santa” that made inappropriate comments to the high school students.

One parent told the school board that the students:

were offered an open bar and to socialize with the half-naked men, the dirty Santa that offered and made disgusting comments to our children.”

Exposure to such content must have been traumatizing for the young people who had no idea what hey had signed up for.

To make matters worse, the group was asked to stay after their performance to make some money cleaning up.

During a heated meeting that eventually led to Llanusa’s resignation, parent Sabrina Ho told the board:

Mr. Llanusa invited the high school choir group into his private adult party in his home.”

She continued to collaborate the other student’s testimonies when she stated:

They were encouraged to partake in food and festivities. The students didn’t begin their scheduled performance until over an hour later and were offered alcohol by party guests among inappropriately dressed adult entertainers.”

As one would expect the student’s felt a sense of responsibility when their school board member asked them to stay.

Ho shared how her 16-year-old son stayed in Llanusa’s home much longer than he anticipated simply because he was asked to by someone he saw as “in charge.”

The incident was as Ho explained, a “gross misuse of power from an educational leader,” to say the least.

One of the most disturbing revelations of the meeting that ended in Llanusa’s resignation was that it was told by Claremont residents near where he lived that this is nothing new.

A resident, Deborah Kekone, stated at the meeting:

The party wasn’t any different than any other party he’s ever had, it’s just that he decided this time to bring kids and expose them to all kinds of things that their parents were not aware of.”

Story after story is coming to light of public school officials allowing debauchery to ensue under their watch, and without parental consent, such as the school rally where students were recorded giving teachers lap dances.

One Vermont high school had adult men come in to do a drag show in front of the kids, using tax payer dollars of course.

However, there is no one that wastes tax payer dollars like New York, and they pay over 200 thousand to bring drag queens into the public school curriculum.

How is that pertinent to an education?!

Parents cannot let school board officials make decisions for what is right and wrong for our children.

Stay informed and connected with all your children’s courses in class and extracurricular, because liberals will infiltrate the life of your family at any cost, especially if they know you live by traditional standards.